Mom went to the Dermatology Clinic today, and the Specialist said, “It’s just a fatty cyst, and it’s nothing to worry about. ” Mom is very relieved. YEAH! Thank You Lord!

Kerry’s Sayings for the Day

–“Don’t give me a bath, Mommy!” protests Kerry. “I don’t need one. I don’t stink bad, I stink good!”

–“Do you want to wear your rain boots today, Kerry?” I ask. “NO!” he says. “I want to wear my sunny boots!”

–“I’m mad at you, Mommy!” Kerry exclaims. “And you’re getting fired!”

Where, Oh Where, Are You Kerry?!

Well, my son, Kerry just gave me my daily “heart attack” incident for today. Well, o.k., he didn’t really give me a “heart attack” or “scare me to death,” but it sure did feel like “my heart went up in my throat.” I’m sorta used to him quietly disappearing from me–he’s very good at that. But today, I “turned the house upside down,” looked outside, in the barn, the storage closet, etc, and he was no where to be found! I even looked in all his “special hiding places,” like under his or his sister’s bed, his closet, behind furniture, the empty bathtub, and inside the laundry hamper…. Yes, I said inside the laundry hamper–he actually fits really well in there ( and you can’t see him until you’re standing right directly over it)! Anyway, I was starting to panic a little, when I heard his little sneaky laugh. It still took me a few moments to figure out where the sound was coming from, until I finally pin-pointed the dryer! He seemed to fit right in that dryer pretty easily too. Of course, he didn’t seem to understand why I was so upset, but I think I finally got the message through to him, not to try that one again! We’ll see–believe it or not, I really am doing the best I know how to keep an eye on him! I pray moment by moment also–I’m sure that doesn’t hurt! You can say one for us when you think of it too!!


My aunt Teresa has a son named Derek. Derek and his wife Shawn have been married for 12 years (with no children). Shawn has just announced that she is 3 months pregnant!! God is still answering prayers and performing miracles! Teresa is ecstatic! She has been praying for a grandchild for several years now. She says this is God’s perfect timing, and He is giving her even more to be positive about, to focus on, and to use to “keep fighting!” Please pray for Derek, Shawn, and “the developing little one.” …And of course, please continue to keep Teresa in your prayers.

Kids & the “Simple Things in Life…”

My niece Rachel came to our homeschool today, while her mom got called into work. After we finished our homeschool lessons for the day, we headed to the nearby park down the road from my house. It has been an unusually warm day after the whole 1-2 weeks of cold weather we’ve had! In fact, it’s just been a beautiful, gorgeous afternoon.

All three kids ignore the jungle gym, slides, swings, etc. and head straight for the sandy volleyball court. Without hesitation, they set right to work, making sand castles in the sand, while the warm sun radiates down on their little backs. I sit on the bleachers watching them–just glad to be outside in the nice weather…

I’m still amazed at how much the kids seem to enjoy such simple activities. I’m also reminded how much each of us adults need to enjoy simple pleasures in life like we did when we were kids. O.K.–so we can’t just shirk our responsibilities and go “play” whenever we want. Even the kids had to do their school work first before they could go enjoy the park. However, we all need to be able to “sieze the moment” and sluff off the cares, stresses, responsibilities, and worries, etc. if only for a few minutes at a time each day….

Have you had a “little talk with Jesus” today? Have you walked in His “sonshine”? Have you cast your cares upon Him? When you do so, you’ll see things differently…. While walking as His child and trusting Him with your cares, you’ll find you can enjoy the “simple things in life”…..

Prayer Requests–Family updates

Aunt Teresa, my mom Lilly, and my husband Scott are all on my church prayer list. Aunt Teresa had her 1st Chemo treatment Friday, Feb. 16th. She was reported to be on a “Halleujah High” on Friday and was “ready to fight.” She seemed to do fine after her first treatment. She will receive Chemo once a week (I’m not sure for how many weeks).

Mom got the results from her ultrasound. She has three small stones in her left kidney along with a cyst. The doctor will have Mom come back in two months for another ultrasound to make sure that the cyst has not grown. On Feb. 28th, Mom will have the place on her neck removed.

Scott is having more and more pain with his hands, wrists, knees, etc. The first of his second round of surgeries is set for March 5th.