“Burdens” That Are Heavy; Not Burdensome…

Early one morning, I’m sitting in our worn-out recliner with one kid on one hip and one on the other. I finally decide I have to get up, while I still can! “Help!” I say. “I’m trapped! I can’t get up,” I continue (with about 80 pounds of “youngin’s” still on me!!)

“You’re not going anywhere, young lady!” exclaims my little Kerry; giggling all the while.

“But, will I still be sitting here when I’m old and gray?” I ask (while certainly feeling old and turning gray).

“Yes!!” proclaims Sarah. “…And when you’re old and gray, then we will be grown up, and we’ll have our own babies—and we’ll still be sitting here on you…and believe me…THAT WILL REALLY HURT!!”