Sarah In The Sun

If there’s ever been an outdoor kid, it’s my Sarah Beth. She loves the sun, and the sun loves her–Sarah so easily gets the most beautiful golden tan (not a trait she gets from me!)

One late afternoon, I heard Sarah singing one of her songs. As she played on the swing in our backyard, Sarah made up the following song about The Sun:

I love the sun better than the moon.

I love the sun coming up;

I hate it when it goes down.

Oh-h-h-h…the sun…

I just want to catch it!

Oh, won’t you come back to me…

I hate it when it goes down;

then I can’t reach it…

If you’re lost…

you just need to follow the sun;

follow the sun…

Oh-h-h-h…the sun is my friend…


One Response

  1. Janet,

    This is cute. I love the part about following the Sun – he is my friend! How she could be referring to “THE SON” and not knowing how very sweet and insightful that would be!

    Keep up the good spiritual working in your childrens lives, it will bring rewards to you both in the human but mostly in the spiritual realm in their lives.

    Love ya,


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