“Attack of The Stuffed Bear”

The other morning, Gracie–our big, brave dog was reduced to puny and pitiful in an instant! She was resting peacefully in her bed when all the sudden out of nowhere she was attacked! Let me explain. –You see, Gracie sleeps in the living room–her bed is on the floor in front of the loveseat. Well, even though I’m constantly reminding the kids to take their toys back to their rooms, of course there’s usually one or two left behind.– Anyway, while she’s sleeping comfortably, Kerry’s “Little Bear” rolls off the couch and lands on Gracie. Meanwhile, upon hitting Gracie, the button inside the stuffed bear is triggered, letting out this “haunting, creepy little giggle!” Gracie jumped up and ran to me for protection–no bark, no growl, no counter-attack–she just came straight to me! So, one minute Gracie is in “doggie dreamland,” and the next she’s hunkered “sheepishly” against me with “her tail tucked between her legs!” Finally, she looks at the “culprit” and pleadingly looks back up at me… as if to say, “Aren’t you going to do something about that?!”

Corrections to last post–Teresa

Please continue to remember my Aunt Teresa. She had to go to the emergency room yesterday. Teresa’s had to go on stronger pain medications and is having some side effects along with some infection. The hospital was going to admit her if necessary. Please continue to pray for Teresa and Uncle Sammy. “God will not leave them, nor forsake them,” and we need to continue to “lift them up” as well…

“Where God guides, He provides…”

From today’s Our Daily Bread devotional:

“We walk by faith, not by sight.”–2 Corinthians 5:7

When Stephen, (who is legally blind) admitted that he needed the help of a guide dog, a new world of freedom and mobility opened up to him. “Many believers blindly stumble their way through the Christian life in their own strength. Seemingly, they are unaware that God has provided a supernatural Guide to lead the way. Jesus said He would send us a Comforter who would guide us into all truth (John 16:13).”

I’d rather walk in the dark with God

Than go alone in the light;

I’d rather walk by faith with Him

Than go alone by sight. –Anon.

40 Day Prayer Vigil–Sammy and Teresa

As many of you know, my Uncle Sammy and Aunt Teresa are both battling cancer. I would like to share a message with you from their daughter Tiffany:

“I am Tiffany, daughter of Sam and Teresa Spencer. My brother Derek and I would like to invite you to join us, and our church Twin Oaks Baptist, in a 40 day and 40 night prayer vigil for our parents who are fighting cancer. Mom is fighting pancreatic cancer in her liver and dad is in his 2nd bout with throat cancer.”

Beginning June 1st lasting through July 10th, we are signing up by hour to pray. Please prayerfully consider joining us in this time dedicated to the Lord. If you decide to join us and would like to sign up for an hour or more to pray, please keep in mind that you do not have to pray for the entire hour. However, we do ask that you remember to pray during your volunteered time. Thank you so much for your prayers and supplications to the Lord on behalf of our parents and family. We love each of you and appreciate all you have done for us through this battle. We know that God is in control and His grace is sufficient. He is a mighty God.”


Updates on prayer requests:

1. Teresa will receive test results in the next week or so–please pray there will be a DRAMATIC REDUCTION in cancer cells. Please also pray for her back and stomach pains, as well as her mental and spiritual strength…

2. Doctors have told Sammy that will have to have his voice box removed completely. He is strongly considering a new procedure which involves getting a prosthesis to replace his voice box. Doctors want Sam to have this procedure within the next 4-6 wks. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for Sammy and the family as they try to work with the doctors to decide what’s best for him.

3. Please pray for Tiffany and Derek that they will continue to be “wise, strong, and at peace with the Lord,” as they try to support their parents during this fiery trial. Tiffany says, “We really need spiritual strength most of all!!!! The devil tries so hard to bring bitterness into the picture.” Tiffany goes on to say that her mom says it best– when Teresa says…”Who are we to think that we are so high and mighty that nothing bad should befall us? God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.”

To find out more details and/or to sign up, please visit: http://www.twinoaksbapt.org

To do so, you can also simply scroll down my “blogroll” and click on “The Spencer’s Church in VA.” Thank you so much for your prayers…

“Folding Laundry While Events Unfold…”

This afternoon, after our morning studies, I tried something different. In an effort to multi-task, I took the laundry out to the front porch. While working on the clothes, I was enjoying the beautiful day and watching my Sarah Beth ride her scooter on the driveway. I noticed my little Kerry was just sitting in the rocking chair beside me instead of riding his scooter too.

“Are you alright?” I ask. “Yeah,” said Kerry, “I just want to sit here with you.” “Are you sure you don’t want to ride your scooter?” I ask. “No. I’m fine,” Kerry simply replies. “I’m just becoming a man,” he says, while sitting there with Barney under one arm and Little Bear under the other!!

Yep, “my little man” was the cutest sight ever! He had some serious “bed-head” too–you know, hair sticking up every which way (still recovering from his afternoon nap!) He was so incredibly adorable!!

Oh, and let’s not forget, while Kerry was busy “becoming a man,” I watched Sarah “win a gold metal for skating!” She was so proud that I could be there to “see her win!” …You know, that’s why I’m here homeschooling, because I don’t want to miss these precious moments! Today, I’ve also discovered that witnessing all these important events unfold sure makes the laundry a whole lot more interesting…

“No Pain, No Gain”

“No pain, no gain”–I know we’re all familiar with that saying, right? Well, I got through this home school morning with a lot of prayer, determination, and “gritting my teeth.” You see, like most kids, (whether in public school or not), they suddenly think they don’t have to do school work anymore once the weather gets this warm and nice. However, we still have about two and a half weeks until the school year is officially over, and of course like most home schools the atmosphere of learning never really ends.

Anyway, today, I let Sarah and Kerry know in a “not so subtle way” that the school year was not over. I tried to get the point across that if they would just go ahead and “buckle down” and get their work done in the morning, that then we could go and have fun in the afternoon. Well, both kids tried to procrastinate, rebel, whine, and cry at first. Yep, it was just dandy! However, Sarah finally “got into” what we were doing, while little Kerry took a lot more “not so subtle” persuasion.

…But after this very difficult morning, since Sarah had been such a “trooper,” and Kerry was finally listening, I held up my end of the bargain. I wanted the kids to see that when you do your part, and you work hard, you get to “play hard” too. So, I took the kids up to Pullen Park, and they had a blast! It was a nice time for all of us–the weather was so beautiful. We walked, we played, we rode the carousel, and we rode the little train all around the park. Sarah called the carousel awesome, and this was the first time the kids had gotten to ride the train–which they both thought was awesome!

Yep, it sure was a rough morning, but a nice afternoon…

Spiritual Questions…

Sarah has many, many, many questions, just in general. Now that I have Sarah, I understand my own parents a little better–why they seemed to tire of my endless questions, why they still mention them today, etc. In the past year or so, Sarah has been asking more and more spiritual questions. I am extremely glad that she is seriously considering and pondering spiritual issues, although I sometimes find her questions a little intimidating…

For instance, one night, I was putting Sarah to bed and after reading a passage from her Children’s Bible, she suddenly had a burning question. “Mommy, why does Jesus pray to God the Father, if He is God?” asks Sarah. I handled the situation especially well… Yep, I didn’t miss a beat. I promptly replied, “I’ll be right back.” Then I hurried off to get Scott and said, “Daddy, Sarah’s got a question for ya.”

Ok. I admit it. I panicked! You know, the whole “deer in the headlights” kind of reaction. Somehow I just didn’t trust in my ability to explain the Trinity to a five year old at 9:00 at night (especially since my brain often goes into “shut-down” mode at say 6:00 p.m.)! So since my slight “panic attack,” I started praying for more discernment and confidence in answering such questions… …And yes, I’m still praying (ha ha!). …But also panicking less…

Just a few of her other questions include (believe me–there are many more):

–Are there animals in Heaven?

–Will our dog Gracie go to Heaven when she dies?

–I try and try and try to be good, but it’s just SOOOOOOO hard–why is that, Mommy?”


**I can certainly relate to the sentiment of the last question, as I’m sure we all can!! That pesky flesh sure tries to keep getting in the way, doesn’t it? …But, HE IS FAITHFUL, and we can keep going to Him, just as my little Sarah Beth comes to me…