Latest Update on Sammy

Tiffany sent me the following message about Sammy’s last CT scan results:

“On a good note, dad’s trach and throat is healing nicely… However, dad’s CT scan showed that his cancer is back. It’s the exact same cancer he had before which is a blessing in itself. His throat cancer is very rare…it’s known to be slow growing and it’s contained usually in one area-not known to spread.

…Pray that the doctors will have knowledge and wisdom so they can find a good solution for dad’s vocal chords. Please pray for dad as he and mom are bombarded right now with so much…”

Tiffany goes on to say: “God did not bring this on my family. He allowed it. I don’t understand why and I may never until one day I can ask Him face to face! But I know this…He allows all things for a reason. If life was always perfect…why would we need God? We would be so self reliant. …How could your children ever know that you would take care of them if they never felt hunger? Or if they never fell? How would they ever know you love them if they never needed you?…”

“…Looking at my past, I have seen how God has never left me. He has always been there. I’m confident that He won’t leave me now! His Word says in Hebrews 13:5…’He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.’ I rest in His sweet promises…”