Additional Prayer Requests–Mom’s Family

–Aunt Polly (Mom’s sister) just had another MRI, which showed a small dot. Over a year and a half ago, Polly had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Polly reports, “The radiologist was concerned but my neurosurgeon thinks it might be a part of my mesh covering where they had to remove a portion of my brain covering.” In light of this new finding, Polly will have to go back sooner for another MRI. If it is found to be the tumor coming back, she will probably undergo some radiation. Polly says, “I was somewhat disappointed, but God is in control.” She also states about the prospect of radiation, “I would rather have that than my head opened again.” Please pray for Polly for God’s will, strength, peace, and wisdom for the doctors. Please pray that it’s just the mesh and not the tumor coming back!

–Please pray for my uncle Steve and aunt Anna and their whole family. Steve was recently in the hospital with pneumonia and the doctors say his lungs are in terrible shape. Please pray for Ellen and her husband, who are both unemployed at this time and were recently in a car wreck. In the wreck, Ellen’s head went through the windshield, but thank the Lord neither Ellen or her husband have sustained any major injuries as far as I know. May post more details as they become available…

–Please remember my cousin Michael and his fiancee Dawn as they prepare to embark on the journey of marriage. Please remember Polly and Robert as they prepare to travel to Key West for the wedding in October.

–Please continue to remember my uncle Roger who has Parkinson’s. Polly states he “is on medicine and doing some better. The road ahead is not going to be easy, but we can manage it.” Please pray for our Lord’s help and strength in helping Roger and his loved ones in “managing it.”