Kerry–Lack of Confidence–No Way!!

–I say to Kerry, “You are sooooo cute!” Kerry smugly says, “I know Mommy, I know.”

–Kerry sits down with me in the recliner, snuggles up to me and says, “Oh Mommy, you’re sooooo in love with me!!”

OK, It’s Sarah’s Turn…

Well, I guess I’ve told a lot of Kerry’s sayings, but not so many of Sarah’s. So here’s a couple:

–Sarah and Kerry were cleaning off the kitchen table; getting ready for dinner. Kerry kept talking to Sarah and asking her a lot of questions. Finally, Sarah turns to Kerry and quips, “Can you just give me a moment’s peace, please?!”

–We were having pizza on a Friday night and discussing different toppings. Daddy says, “I once had rattlesnake on a pizza.” Sarah pipes up with, “Thank goodness that rattlesnake didn’t bite you!”