Spiritual Questions…

Sarah has many, many, many questions, just in general. Now that I have Sarah, I understand my own parents a little better–why they seemed to tire of my endless questions, why they still mention them today, etc. In the past year or so, Sarah has been asking more and more spiritual questions. I am extremely glad that she is seriously considering and pondering spiritual issues, although I sometimes find her questions a little intimidating…

For instance, one night, I was putting Sarah to bed and after reading a passage from her Children’s Bible, she suddenly had a burning question. “Mommy, why does Jesus pray to God the Father, if He is God?” asks Sarah. I handled the situation especially well… Yep, I didn’t miss a beat. I promptly replied, “I’ll be right back.” Then I hurried off to get Scott and said, “Daddy, Sarah’s got a question for ya.”

Ok. I admit it. I panicked! You know, the whole “deer in the headlights” kind of reaction. Somehow I just didn’t trust in my ability to explain the Trinity to a five year old at 9:00 at night (especially since my brain often goes into “shut-down” mode at say 6:00 p.m.)! So since my slight “panic attack,” I started praying for more discernment and confidence in answering such questions… …And yes, I’m still praying (ha ha!). …But also panicking less…

Just a few of her other questions include (believe me–there are many more):

–Are there animals in Heaven?

–Will our dog Gracie go to Heaven when she dies?

–I try and try and try to be good, but it’s just SOOOOOOO hard–why is that, Mommy?”


**I can certainly relate to the sentiment of the last question, as I’m sure we all can!! That pesky flesh sure tries to keep getting in the way, doesn’t it? …But, HE IS FAITHFUL, and we can keep going to Him, just as my little Sarah Beth comes to me…

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