“From Sea to Shining Sea: North Carolina”

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea…


People have said that from the top of Pike’s Peak (14,000 ft.), you feel like you can see all of America. I have joined in this effort, The Pike’s Peak Project, with other bloggers around the country, to help us all “take a peek” of this wonderful USA. My part is to share a little bit about North Carolina…


In my mind, I’m going to Carolina,

Can’t you see the sunshine,

Can’t you just feel the moon shine?

Ain’t it just like a friend of mine;

to hit me from behind…

Yes, I’m going to Carolina in my mind.


Here in North Carolina, we definitely have a variety. We’ve got the mountains, the piedmont, the coast… I’ve lived in the piedmont of North Carolina all my life, and I grew up thinking of Raleigh as “the big city!” (Yeah, I’m really not kidding). Anyway, thinking back to my childhood, I’m reminded of some special attributes of my great state…

Without a doubt, spring-time certainly is lush and green around here. Spring has always been my favorite time of year, and no wonder, growing up in North Carolina… If you live around here, you can experience it “in your own backyard,” or you’ve got plenty of parks around. Just a couple of months ago, I wrote the following about a spring visit to a local park:

…Took the kids to Clemmons State Forest today… You know, there’s something just so soothing and healing about nature. The kids were excited and happy, yet at the same time, the surroundings seemed to have a calming, quietening effect on them both…

“If you like it hot,” you’ll absolutely love it here in the summer-time! (Yeah, have I mentioned summer isn’t really my favorite season?–I trust you can figure out why.) However, I do recall going to Atlantic Beach about every summer as a kid, and that was, in my opinion, awesome! Of course, Atlantic Beach has certainly gotten more and more crowded over the years, so you might like where my husband spent his summers–Holden Beach.

Ah-h-h, but have you seen North Carolina in the fall?! You know earlier, when I said spring was my favorite season–oops, I might have told a fib! I don’t know, because if spring is my favorite, fall sure is a very close second!


View janet41’s map

Taken in (See more photos here)

I just love the fall here, and I especially love visiting the mountains of my state during the fall… Such a beautiful array of colors grace the trees everywhere; yellow, orange, amber, red… The temperature is mild and perfect to me, and there’s just that little hint of crispness in the air that can make one feel more alive!

...And how about those winters? Well, if you don’t like the cold, and you don’t like snow, you’ll love it here in the piedmont. I can remember many a winter as a child, spent wishing and hoping for snow that never came… Oh, boo-hoo, right? But hey, just a little ice on the road was like a “get-out-of-school–guaranteed pass” for all the school-kids!! Yeah, we all knew that just the sight of a little ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain–you know, anything a little wet, cold, white or icy–we’d be out of school for at least a day or two! …And on the rare occasion that it did snow a few inches, we could be out of school for a week! To us, it was great!!

Yep, I’ve been pretty fortunate to grow up as a “Carolina girl,” …just as we all have been lucky to have grown up in this great country of ours. The day I stumbled upon this Pike’s Peak project on the web, I had just been saying to my husband how much I’ve always wanted to be able to travel all over the US. Even though I may not be able to physically visit all these places, I know I will enjoy this “virtual tour.” I hope you enjoyed your “stay” here in North Carolina–don’t forget to come back and visit. May God bless you on the rest of your journey, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


**To see more North Carolina facts and photos, click here


(Using the navigational link below, you may visit different states,

as you continue your tour.)

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**Photos in this post were used courtesy of Chestnut Photography**



4 Responses

  1. Very nice!! Having grown up near Carolina, I have fond memories of the shore, specifically Hattaras. Also have fond memories of Elizabeth City, as that is where a good friend of mine lived for a while. It was really nice to be so close that we could hop in the car and drive down. My favorite was the “Swamp Road” (Rt. 17). It was so quiet during the day, and so spooky at night. Spring is definitely my favorite time down there, though I must admit I don’t miss the humidity at all!!

    Ahh…thanks for the memories!

  2. What a great tribute to North Carolina. Fall was my favorite season there, growing up. I loved the crisp air, the turning and falling leaves, crisp crunchy leaves on the ground, deep blue skies.

    You brought back fond memories with your lovely post.

    Thanks so much for contributing to the Pike’s Peak Project.

    Warmest regards,

  3. The litle bit I’ve seen of North Carolina isthe OBX. Love it in the fall when we went.

  4. prayer request:
    Please agree in prayer for my mom, Virginia Handy. She has just lost her husband and wound up in the hospital trying to cope with it (90 yrs). Please pray that the Lord would take away her depression and bless her, comfort her, strengthen her and meet all her needs in Christ Jesus in the following months. Please pray that if it is the Lord’s will that she go into a home that He will put her someplace where she will be happy. Thank you very much.

    Please pray for Sue. Her daughter has moved far away and her boyfriend left and she is very lonesome. Please agree that the Lord would soon send someone special into her life who would love her and marry her. Someone who would be compatible with her. Thanks.

    Please pray for Wilma and family. Wilma’s daughter recently died. Please pray for comfort, peace and strength for her and her family to get through the coming months. Many thanks.

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