“The Missing Toothbrush…”

Sarah comes storming in to the kitchen this morning, demanding, “Where’s my new toothbrush?”

“I don’t know,” I try to say calmly, “Have you looked for it?”

Then, Kerry breaks in simply with, “I know.”

“You know where it is?” I ask Kerry.

“We-e-e-ll, actually, Blue knows– (Kerry’s referring to his Blue’s Clues stuffed dog)–he did something with it,” Kerry says.

Daddy comes in and says, “Well Blue better be finding your sister’s toothbrush!”

“Well, actually, Blue can’t remember where he put it,” replies Kerry.

Daddy says, “You better help Blue find it!”

–Miraculously, a while later, Kerry recovers the lost toothbrush and reprimands that bad, old Blue!


Don’t worry–Daddy and I each had a little talk with Kerry and did some reprimanding of our own! He confessed to his little prank, and we tried to explain to him how very important it is to tell the truth, to not blame others, etc.

I explained that I knew he wasn’t telling the truth because “I’m Mommy,” and I know when he’s lying. I also explained that Jesus always knows!

When Scott was having a little talk with Kerry, our son asks him, “How did you know, Daddy?”

Before Scott could answer, Kerry pipes up with, “Oh, let me guess, because you’re Daddy, right?!”


**Just so you know, yeah, your prayers are still appreciated…



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