Different–Even In The Womb…

My kids truly are like “night and day” in many ways. Do you know that I could even tell the difference when they were in the womb? Of course the differences displayed when I was “carrying them” have more meaning now–since I have observed them both for a few years! I love thinking back to both pregnancies and seeing how it all makes sense now…

Once I began to feel movement with Sarah, it was as if the movement never stopped! It was close to impossible to ever get any sleep! Whether it was day or night–didn’t matter. It was all the same to her–she was on the move–all day, all night!! …And when she moved, which, again, was quite often, it was also not gentle or half-heartedly. I could be sitting on the couch, and would almost stand up when she moved. O.k., well, not really, because I could hardly get up from the couch, but you know what I mean. Scott could visibly see a leg or arm stretching underneath my belly, looking as if it might poke through. …And the phrase I used most while I was pregnant with Sarah was, “this baby is using my bladder as a trampoline!”

When I was pregnant with Kerry, I had a very different experience. Kerry wasn’t still all the time either, but there were distinct periods of rest and movement. I would also say that he was resting more than he was moving. I was quite thankful for being able to sleep a little more. I also did not experience the hard kicks, jabs, and punches, which was also a relief! Kerry didn’t use my bladder as a trampoline either. No, instead, he just used it as a bed and stayed there for nine months! (Poor bladder!)

Little Kerry “showed himself” though when it came time to deliver! Or should I say he refused to show himself! It was as if I was literally playing “tug of war” with him. The doctor and nurse admitted they had never before seen anything like it. SEVERAL times, the doctor would say, “here he comes.” They would see him for an instant, and then in another instant, he was gone! You know, like “now ya see him, now ya don’t.” What a stubborn tease, I tell ya! (Please don’t take that too harshly… If you really know Kerry, you understand that phrase all too well).

The ultrasounds of each baby were very different and entertaining as well. Scott and I both remember them vividly, and we joke about them from time to time. During one of the ultrasounds with Sarah, we got a sudden shock. Almost immediately after the nurse tried to help us “take a peek,” Sarah tried to peek back! Her head turned toward us, and we got a terrific look at “one big eye.” Yep, it was as if that one eye was trying to peek at us while we “looked” in on her!

The ultrasound of Kerry was just as comical, yet of course, quite different. He was laid back, legs crossed at the ankles, hands behind his head… You know, like he was taking it easy in a hammock! No lie—REALLY! I’m not making this up!

Yep, now that I know each even better, it all becomes more clear. You see, Sarah still has not quit moving, and she still does not like to sleep. She’s constantly asking, “What are we going to do next, Mommy?” While Kerry’s favorite question is “When are we going home?” Sarah likes to “jump right in” to activities, whereas Kerry sits back and decides whether it’s worth the expended energy!

Yep, they’re both quite opposite in several ways, but they both have captured my heart! Each of my kids is special, and they’re truly gifts from God…


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  1. I had to smile while reading your post because I could totally relate to what you are talking about… from my own experience and observations. (Even our kids’ names reflect their personalities!) What a beautiful post!

    Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog- now I have another good read:)

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