Sure Was Nice…

I took the kids to the “The Golden Arches” today (Kerry calls it “Old McDonald’s”) . I guess we can’t really afford to go there too often, but every once in a while, we seem to make our way there… I’m glad we did this morning.

It was so nice–to just sit there with the kids and eat and “visit.” They truly are growing up so fast! Sarah led us in saying the blessing. Little Kerry even said, “You can sit beside Sarah this time–it’s o.k.”

Kerry changed his mind though–not for me to sit by him, but for him to sit beside Sarah! Then he added just one more request. We were sitting in a booth, and he wanted me to sit on the other side of him. I started to say, “No, there’s not enough room.” However, instead, with some careful maneuvering, soon we were all sitting on the same side.

There we were–side by side–with little Kerry sandwiched in the middle. It was a little crowded, but cozy and sweet. What was sweetest was the big contented, happy smile on my little boy’s face. He was just as happy as could be; with his big sister on one side and his “Mom” (that’s what he calls me now) on the other.

So, at that moment, I tried to take a “mental snap-shot”–to remember that joy, peace, and contentment. I felt it too, and I didn’t want to forget it. Yep, it sure was nice this morning, it sure was nice…


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  1. Sounds like you have things in your life in order–by giving the kids special moments to remember and you are correct, they do grow up fast. I think you and Scott are doing a good job of raising them correctly. I am proud of you both for a good job.


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