It Was Only Imagined…

Well, I may already be getting a little overwhelmed with activities. I had a lot I was trying to get done today; was rushing around, and then I lost track of the time. By this evening, I got really stressed out over getting Sarah to her soccer practice on time. It turned out o.k. though, especially since the soccer practice I was striving to get to didn’t exist! (I got mixed up on the nights!)

Anyway, it turned out good though. Sarah had really been craving some “alone time” with me, so we took the opportunity. We stayed at the park and walked the nature trail. We walked and walked, and Sarah talked and talked! I mean, she talked non-stop; it seemed she hardly took a single breath between sentences! Yep, and it seemed Sarah never wanted to leave. …Well, that is, until she found out about a sleepover with her cousins. Yeah, suddenly, she couldn’t get to the car fast enough!!

Well, I just have to say it again; I can’t hardly help myself! They sure do grow up fast; they truly do…


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  1. there is great honesty in your writing. quality skill as well. thanks for sharing.

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