My Little Man’s Growing Up?

…Well, he will be 4 in less than a month! Others have told me that it would happen soon, but I’m not sure if I totally believed them…

However, alas, my little Kerry did not want to sit in my lap the other morning. His sister was gone to a sleepover, and I knew Kerry wanted some “special time” with me. I just assumed that would include me holding him in my lap and us snuggling in the old recliner…

Kerry wanted me to watch Curious George with him, but he did not feel the need to sit in my lap… I couldn’t believe it! O.k., it didn’t crush me, but I have to admit, it did hurt a little!


The kids and I were playing board games yesterday–Sarah was enjoying Bible Scattergories.

Kerry pulls out this dust-laden game from the ‘7o’s and decides he wants to play it instead. The game was Challenge Yahtzee (from 1974)–it had a picture of two men on it–the stars of the old TV show–The Odd Couple).

Kerry proudly proclaims, “I want to play this game! This is a man’s game, and I’m a [little] man!”


2 Responses

  1. “I want to play this game! This is a man’s game, and I’m a [little] man!” …. hahaha … what a cutie you have .. Have a good Sunday Janet ( and a bear hug from me for Kerry .. ^_^ )

    ~ Annita

    ps. Emily is also counting down to big 4 in 3 months. Our babies are growing!!

  2. Alas, the little men do grow up and do not need their mom’s as much as they used to…so enjoy them while you can. I enjoyed your sight…Arlene

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