Would Jesus Wear A Rolex?

This song has been “playing” in my mind for two days. Yeah, I’m really not kidding–I kind of wish I were. It’s a funny and entertaining song, but then again, it’s not so funny… It makes me think–it doesn’t make me doubt my Jesus or my faith or even that there are true and genuine T.V. evangelists out there. However, it does remind me to be cautious about who I “tune” into. The song also makes me consider my own values and priorities. You know, it’s easy to criticize “those in the public eye,” but God also knows what we each truly value. I hope it will make you think a little too… To view the song–“Would Jesus Wear A Rolex On His Television Show?,” you may click here.


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  1. I have been visiting this site a lot lately, so i thought it is a good idea to show my appreciation with a comment.

    Jim Mirkalami

    Hi Jim! Thanks for commenting and thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

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