What I Didn’t Tell Ya…

…Well, I suppose I left out a few things earlier about today. So, here’s what I didn’t tell ya:

I didn’t tell you about:

–the beautiful, sweet prayer I had with my children today

–the Bible verses that Sarah and I read (Amos 3:3 and Psalm 30:5)

–the Bible story Sarah read to me about “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”

–the times I got to hold my children today; kiss them, hug them, tickle them, and tell them that I love them

–the times that Sarah and Kerry shared, worked together, and learned together

–the satisfaction and peace our Lord has given me while just being obedient and doing what He’s asked me to do…


So, “there you have it,” folks. Those are just a few of the joys of today that I somehow neglected to mention in the last post. You might vaguely recognize this list… I’ll bet we each have one of our own–that list of blessings, joys, and special moments that can be found in any seemingly ordinary day. Let us not forget to thank and praise Him for each and every day. Let us thank Him for the sunrise and the sunset, the joy and the pain, the blessings and the trials…. Amen?!


2 Responses

  1. It is truly a gift to have eyes ot see the blessings that fill our lives everyday. Thanks for reminding us to put on the lenses of gratitude.

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