Signs, Signs, Everywhere…

There’s an invisible sign on Sarah’s door that says, “Stay Out, Kerry!

Well, yesterday evening, Scott caught Kerry in Sarah’s room, again. You see, little Kerry often sneaks in Sarah’s room when she’s not around, since he knows this is “forbidden!” Why, all the family knows there’s a standing rule that Sarah’s room is “OFF LIMITS” to Kerry (Sarah is quite adamant about this)!

So-o-o-0, oh yes, back to: Scott finds Kerry in Sarah’s room…


“What are you doing in Sarah’s room?” asks Scott.

Kerry replies, “I-I-I was just checking to see if this is a good book for Sarah to have…”


While laughing, Scott later asks me, “Is there an–‘I’m an idiot‘– sign on my forehead?” You know–he just wanted to know for sure…


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