God Will Make This Trial a Blessing

Below is the song that keeps coming to my mind the last couple of days. It’s another song that I haven’t even heard in years…


God Will Make This Trial a Blessing

Originally recorded by the McKameys

I’ve just come into a valley one like I’ve never been before
I keep searching for a way out seems like padlocks are on the doors
Oh there must be another sunrise another sunset that I’ll see
God will make this trial a blessing that’s the love He has for me
God will make this trial a blessing though it sends me to my knees
Though my tears flow like a river yet in Him there’s sweet relief
There’s no need to get discouraged there’s no need to talk defeat
God will make this trial a blessing and the whole wide world will see
I was not the first one to come into this place
You see every child of God this test he must face
It is here that God will mold you and make you what you ought to be
God will make this trial a blessing just be patient you will see
Now I’m standing on the mountain looking back and I can see
When I was in that lowest valley His strong hand was leading me
Oh it’s good to see the sunshine and to taste sweet victory
God has made this trial a blessing oh the grace He gives to me

_____________________________________________________________________Note: To listen to the above song, you may visit here.


2 Responses

  1. I have been going through some trying times lately and the Spirit led me to this site today and this song is a tremendous blessing to me. I have been listining to it over and over all morning. It goes to show that God can use someone to minister to you regardless of where you are. I am in Jamaica and you reached me here.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  2. Yes, I hear this song over thirty years ago and it came on the radio today for me to hear again–brought memories of my life as it was when I first heard it–husband left me pregnant with two children ages 8 & 9 no money,no groceries etc. This song gave me hope–becasue it was a valley like none I had seen before. Thanks for publishing it.

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