…Unexpected Encouragement

A couple of weeks back, I posted the following on another “start-up” blog. The original post that led to this one can be viewed here. Since many of you didn’t see the following, and since I am “abandoning” the other blog, I am re-posting it. Also, it’s just a good reminder for me this morning of how very blessed I am…


Unexpected Encouragement–(as posted earlier on Aug. 31st on another of my blogs)

Yeah, I was feeling very discouraged the other day, and I couldn’t seem to hide it from the kids either. A-h-h, to be honest, I wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore. Then my 6 yr. old daughter told me, “Things will get better, Mommy.” I have been consistently telling myself the same thing, but this particular day, I was beginning to question, “Will things really get better?–(on this side of glory, anyway)?”

But just the fact that Sarah would make such a statement to me just “blessed my heart.” …And do you know, that I asked God that day for some sign that things would get better? Well, God can even “speak” through a little child. There’s examples in the Bible, and He still does it today. When I was crying, my sweet, precious little girl got out a hymnal and began to sing to me, “In His Time.” Sarah then followed that song with another, entitled, “Children of the Heavenly Father.” (You may view the first song here and the other song here). Oh, what a blessing!

In case I was still not convinced, later on that day, God sent me another treasured moment during “Reading Time.” Sarah chose to read “Leah’s Pony” to us–(a story she had never read before). The story was about a little girl who helped to save the family farm by selling her pony (an act that motivated and inspired all the townspeople to help out too). The very last lines of the story (coming from a note to Leah) say this:

“…I heard how you saved your family’s farm. These hard times won’t last forever.

–And they didn’t.

Well, I believe God never promised an easy road, but I know that He will take care of us. …And by “things getting better,” does that mean we’ll suddenly have no more problems? Perhaps the phrase means that we will become more like Him (as we seek Him) and better able to handle the struggles of life…

Thank you Lord for “unexpected encouragement!”


“For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.” –Psalm 84:11-12



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