What Are Kids Really Saying?

Do you ever feel like your kids are speaking a different language? Does this make communication with them somewhat difficult at times? Well, I have certainly experienced this phenomenon, and I am here to tell you what I am doing about it!

I am starting to write a Kid’s Code book, in which I identify their unique words. Once I have identified these words, one-by-one, I will attempt to decipher and define them. I am also hoping that the arduous task at hand will not only improve my communication with my kids, but also add a little humor to my life and perhaps to yours, along the way…



The following is a brief list (a beginning) of words unique to my particular munchkins. I do not guarantee their applicability to all other munchkins, and so I am not responsible for any such misuse. (GET YOUR OWN LIST!–HaHa!)


1. “Butterscotch”n (Sarah’s interpretation): 1. a yellow Monarch butterfly.

2. “nic-nore”vb (Sarah’s word): 1. to refuse to pay attention to. 2. the action performed when a little brother is being annoying.

3. Momn (Kerry’s interpretation): 1. synonym for “superhero.” 2. a hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers.

4. Grandman (Kerry’s interpretation): 1. Another synonym for “superhero.”

5. treatn (Both kids’ interpretation): 1. Something sweet to eat; preferably something chocolate. 2. A toy if preceded by something sweet to eat. 3. Not to be confused with spankings, additional schoolwork, chores, etc.

6. vacuum-cleanern (Both kids’ interpretation): 1. a loud, annoying device used by moms as a form of torture and punishment. 2. A machine which is used to disrupt kids’ favorite T.V. shows and to otherwise interrupt any other play activities in the living room area and beyond.





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