I Can’t Look!

The other morning, little Kerry and I were having waffles for breakfast (Sarah was still sleeping). Much to my dismay, I discovered we were almost out of our regular maple syrup. Thankfully, though, there was just enough for Kerry’s waffle and maybe even enough for Sarah to have one later. So, I scavenged the cupboards and found some very old, very dark cane syrup. It smelled and appeared to be sort of like molasses. …Well, that is, very thin, very bad molasses.

“Are you really going to try that?!” Kerry exclaims. “Ooh, that looks and smells awful!”

Of course, with such a dramatic response, I just had to put a dab on my plate and touch the fork to it…

I can’t look!” little Kerry blurts out. Then he quickly covers his big brown eyes with the back of his cute little hand. At that moment, he was just too adorable for words! …And it was just too tempting not to tease and taunt him a little!! Hee, Hee, Hee!!

…Yep, I’ve been around his Daddy too long!


Homeschooling Highlights

O.k. so, I may have lost a little (I mean a lot) of perspective the other day, which was reflected in my “cry for help” post. However, I’ve been taking deep breaths, and I’m feeling much better! The last couple of days, the kids and I have been playing more as part of our schooling, and we’re still getting the schoolwork done!

Thursday–Sarah wrote a story called “The Chick and the Duckling.”

Sarah read to Kerry and I from her science book about birds. When she saw the picture of a hummingbird, she pulled out her collection of bird feathers and compared them.

After our morning studies, and lot of organizing school materials, we all played Scrabble Jr. together. (Sarah and I helped Kerry of course). I felt a lot better after cleaning up, and then the kids and I were all able to enjoy our time together!

Friday–Today we used “compu-styx” with our math. The kids enjoyed building tall towers with them–better than adding–though.

Little Kerry counted from 1 to 100 for the first time today! He only needed help with a few numbers!

After math, language, and phonics, we all played with Tinker-toys and Pipeline. The kids really enjoyed us all working together to build something. Sarah even commented on how much she likes us doing things together.

The kids are very excited about going to home-school skating this afternoon–it’s a great end of the week reward for them!


…What is it about that one little utterance (coming from my son Kerry) that just strikes fear and terror in my heart?!…

“Uh-oh,” says Kerry, “Mommy, I’m sorry, but I think I peed in my socks.”

“W-W-What?” I intelligently respond.

“Yeah, they’re wet, so I think my feet peed in them,” Kerry says quite “matter-of-factly.”

“Oh, no, honey, that’s just sweat!” I happily exclaim.


**Whew! What a relief! You know, suddenly “sweaty feet” don’t seem near as yucky and smelly!