More Morning “Pick-Me-Ups”

–This morning, little Kerry says to me, “Good Morning, My Happiness!”


–Also this morning, Kerry tells his Daddy and I about his dream from last night:

“You (daddy) and Sarah were at home, while Mommy and I were taking a walk at the park. It was very nice…

…And then, a skunk came and sprayed us, and we were very stinky!”


2 Responses

  1. God Bless you for saying that, Carol! I really needed to hear that! I’m praying and trying!

  2. It’s wonderful that your child thinks of you as “my happiness.” As keepers of the home, whether we realize it or not, we play a large part in determining the type of atmosphere our family will experience. I believe Kerry’s comment says that mom is doing our part to make the home happy. 🙂

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