Forest Fun…

The kids and I went to an educational state forest today after our schoolwork. Sarah made peanut-butter sandwiches for us to take for a picnic. After eating, we set off for the Geology Trail or more simply called “The Rock Trail.”

–We learned that the oldest rock is really “nice,” but the name is actually spelled “Gneiss.”

–We discovered our state rock also. Sarah says, “I know how we can remember it! Your name is “Janet,” and that rhymes with “Granite!”

–Kerry made a great pun to describe our walk on “The Rock Trail”: “This place ROCKS!”


One Response

  1. Hi Janet, thanks for stopping in today.

    Could you stop by at my blog whenever you have time. I have something for you.

    Btw, I like how you relate geology with .. humor!! … years ago, if I had known I’d find humor in my geology class, perhaps I didn’t have to drag my feet going in there.

    God bless you all!!

    ps. how is little Kerry and his coughs ?? .. hope he is fine now

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