Kid’s Stuff

–Sarah asks, “Why did God make us?” Before I could respond, she follows up with another question, “…Was He bored?”

–Little Kerry notices an Avon magazine on the kitchen table (I’ve never bought Avon before, but the magazine came in the mail). Kerry begins to thumb through it, but then quickly tosses it aside. He says, “A-h-h, that’s just girlie stuff for moms!”

–One morning, Kerry asks, “Am I a rhino, or what?!” I was quite perplexed by his question–I remember thinking “you’re much too skinny to resemble a rhino!” Kerry noticed the confused look on my face, and exclaimed, “Look at my head!!”  (He had one tuft of hair sticking straight up and out from the front of his head like the horn of a rhino!)


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