Oh What An Inspiration…

…she is! Who is “she,” you may ask? We call her “Mrs. Joyce,” and she is the oldest member of our church (95 yrs. old–I think). Near the end of August of this year, we honored Mrs. Joyce and many others on The Oldest Members Sunday. Mrs. Joyce spoke to the congregation that day and told us all how much she loved us and our church. She has been quoted many times as saying “I try to do something nice for somebody everyday.” We all know this to be true, because we have enjoyed her chocolate layered cake, fresh garden vegetables, and Sunday afternoon meals throughout the years.

Even in her nineties, she hasn’t stopped being a blessing and an inspiration. Not only has she not let her age hinder her, but she has also had cancer, had one hand removed, and now has cancer in her lymph nodes. Yet, just this past Sunday, when everyone in our church went down to the altar to pray (about various things), Mrs. Joyce knelt with us all to join in the prayer.

Yesterday, I received news that Mrs. Joyce is quite sick and has been admitted to the hospital. In addition to her other health issues, she now has a urinary tract infection, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia. Yet, remember what I had just stated in the previous paragraph?! Yep, that’s right, Mrs. Joyce has been that sick, and she was kneeling at the altar praying just this past Sunday! That Sunday night, I remember remarking to someone that “I don’t even like to come to church when I have a headache!” …Let’s just say, I now have a little more perspective, and Mrs. Joyce has challenged and inspired me!

Our church has started a prayer chain for our Mrs. Joyce, and I now ask all you “prayin’ folk” to help us pray as you feel led! Please pray for Mrs. Joyce and her family. …And while you’re at it, please remember those who inspire you!

God Bless!


One Response

  1. Mrs. Joyce sounds like a wonderful lady. I will keep her in prayer.

    Have a great evening,


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