Kids–“Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!”

As many of you know, I’ve been sharing kid’s stories for the better part of a year now. My kids certainly have brought a lot of humor and joy to my life, and I love remembering these times and sharing them with others.

Well, the other day, I came across the following kid’s stories. I had shared these (via email) with a few of you several months ago, but most of you haven’t seen them. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted via email on Friday, February 09, 2007

Just thought I’d start sharing cute and sorta funny stories about my

One day a few weeks ago while I was in the kitchen, little Kerry had
climbed up on the piano and gotten down the glass from a hurricane
lamp. He went running through the living room, tripped over the dog,
dropped the glass and broke it; cutting his hands. We thought he had
learned his lesson when he said he would never do that again. Until the
other day when he informed us of what he had really learned. Kerry
says, “You should never run and jump with glass in your hands; you
should always walk!…”

One evening, while Scott and I thought our kids were both just coloring
quietly at the kitchen table, Sarah comes running up to us saying,
Mommy, Daddy come quick!
We step in the kitchen and find little Kerry covered in half a bottle of
glue, along with glue all over the table and kitchen floor. Sarah says,
“I was sorry to bother you Mommy, but I was so scared my little
brother was going to be glued to the table!”

About a year or so ago, my daughter reminded me how important it is to
not let ourselves get distracted when we’re driving. I was driving
Sarah to preschool in the morning, and I was preoccupied with something
and didn’t notice right away when the light turned “green.” Sarah saw
it and told me to “go.” As I drove up the next road, Sarah wags her
little finger at me and says, “Mommy, you need to pay tention when
you’re drivin’ ! If you run off in this grass over here, I’m gonna be
real mad at you!”

There’s plenty more of these little stories, and I know I’m going to
have to start writing them down before I forget them all! My kids have
me laughing and crying just about on a daily basis at times! The best
part is how they teach me things, remind me of what’s important, and
make me think about what example I’m really setting! It’s amazing how
the Holy Spirit speaks through each of them! “Out of the mouth of

Have a great day and may God bless you!
Love always,

Kerry’s Quotes For The Day…

…Here’s a few of Kerry’s one-two liners from the past 24 hours. (What can I say? When he’s not “cracking me up,” he’s “blessing my heart!”)

–The kids and I were sitting at the kitchen table, when we saw two deer on the other side of our fence in the backyard.

Kerry enthusiastically says, “Those deer are so beautiful …and brown!”


–Kerry was in his room getting dressed after his evening bath.

From the living room, I hear him exclaim, “God Bless My Heart!

“Why did you say that?” I ask.

Kerry says, “‘Cause I got hurt, remember?!–See the boo-boo on my arm?!”


–Last night, when I was putting Kerry to bed, his words brought tears to my eyes. …And no, surprisingly this time, the tears weren’t from hilarious laughter. You see, Kerry has more than one way of “getting to” Mommy…

Kerry looked up at me so sweetly and said, “You’re the mommy I should have.”