Our Learning Lair…

…This is where it all takes place! I haven’t posted any photos of our classroom before, so today, I thought I would share a few. Below is a photo of part of our kitchen/classroom (this picture along with the others were actually taken at the beginning of last school year).



In the picture above, you may see several posters, our school computer, and our printer/copier. If you have been a homeschooling mom for any length of time, and you are able to read the “School Rules, ” you’re probably laughing hysterically by now or at least chuckling a little. Yes, the first two rules about “raising your hand” and “staying in your seat” aren’t really adhered to anymore. I still expect the kids to use some manners and to share, and “No Whining,” and “Try, Try, Try, and Try Again” are the most important rules to me.


I love being able to display “The Ten Commandments” in our classroom, and I plan for there to always be a copy mounted in plain view. In this photo, you may also see the computer that “God dropped in our laps.” When we needed a computer, one of our friends got a new computer and gave us her prior one. This computer has been just perfect for our little school. The printer/copier sure has been handy too–it was also part of God’s provision. I was helping to homeschool my niece last year, and my sister-in-law went out and bought the printer brand new for us!

Below is a picture of some of our school materials and supplies. You can’t really read the poster, but it’s “The Beatitudes.” I just love the Beatitudes…


We use this roll-around storage cart for the kids’ cubbies (school books, Bibles, supplies, etc.).



What you can’t see in any of the above pictures is our kitchen table–which is the most important. For it is at the table in our kitchen/classroom, that many exciting moments have already taken place, such as:

–Kerry has learned his alphabet (to recognize his letters and to say them).

–Sarah has learned how to read (and she does so with such expression, enthusiasm, and vigor!)

–Kerry has learned his numbers and how to count.

–Sarah has learned addition, subtraction, a little multiplication, and other various math concepts.

–Sarah and Kerry have learned Bible verses, sung songs, and we have all prayed and worshipped together.


So, there you have it, folks–that’s pretty much everything! Thanks for letting me share our School of Daily Provision with you and please be sure to come back and visit us in the future! I know our “Learning Lair” may seem simple, but many great and exciting things are yet to come!


**Note: You may find it curious that I have entitled this post “Our Learning Lair.” Well, to be honest, at first, I was just looking for another “L” word to make a cute title. One might think that “lair” is a poor choice of words. However, upon further investigation, you will find that the definition of the word is not only “a resting place or a living place,” but also a “refuge or place for hiding.”

Now, let me be clear, our little school is not a place where we just hide from the rest of the world. In fact, we are quite involved in many activities with others, and our Lord is opening up more opportunities all the time. However, I like calling our homeschool a learning “refuge,” because it is. Our kids are free to just learn and be creative, without any extra and unnecessary restrictions, pressures, and confusion. …And I like that…I like that a lot!