Sweet Big Sister

Sarah is just a “wee-bit” protective over her younger brother, Kerry. If he gets the least bit hurt, Sarah dotes over Kerry like a “mother hen!” Can you “see the love” in this picture below?! Also, check out how much older they both look; especially Sarah! I just think she looks so grown up in this picture…



2 Responses

  1. What adorable kiddos! Thanks for sharing pictures, funny kid quotes and other good stuff.


  2. Hey Kacie,

    You have a couple of adorable kiddos yourself! I just got through checking out a few of your last posts. Love the “Rock and Roller!” I have a couple of “Rock and Rollers” too. They love to get out their little guitars and “jam!”

    Great hearing from you–Stop by any time!
    Have a blessed day!


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