The Joy of Thankfulness…

Are we missing out on the joy of life, because we do not have an attitude of thankfulness? How can we have joy, if we are too busy grumbling about what we don’t have?! We can try to blame situations, circumstances, others, and even the devil for “stealing our joy,” yet no one or nothing can really “steal the joy” of a believer who has a thankful attitude. We give up our own joy when we choose to be thankless instead of thankful!

O.k., so I have committed to speaking at my church this Wednesday night on the topic of “Joy In A Thankful Attitude.” Of course, this past week, I have had several frustrating things to happen to test my joyful and thankful attitude. I would like to say that I passed all these tests “with flying colors,” but I try not to lie! However, even though my first response was not always a positive one, I was actually catching on by the second or third response to a situation! So, I am improving with the Lord’s help!!

Well, this certainly isn’t all I have to “say” on this topic, but for now I suppose it is. (You know, I’ve just joined this group called “Writer…Interrupted,” and this break is for one of many, many interruptions). However, I can find tremendous joy in these lovely interruptions–just “comes with the territory” of being mom, teacher, writer…

…And I think I sense another series of posts coming on, and I approach this opportunity with joyful anticipation and thankfulness!


**Note: When we start to count our blessings, we’ll find it’s not so hard to be thankful. Just last night, I found a post on this same topic–you can view Ruth’s post here.


6 Responses

  1. Brilliantly said! We CAN find joy in all the situations and circumstances of life. Great post.

  2. that really is a good take on thankfulness. it truly fills you with joy to the core! what you said here: “We give up our own joy when we choose to be thankless instead of thankful” is so right on!!!

  3. If we can focus on being thankful and giving thanks, we won’t have time for grumbling or complaining. Have you ever read the book “Pollyanna”? This is the best book on having a thankful spirit that I have ever read. Pollyanna is a young girl who learns how to play this “game” from her father. Whenever something disappointing happens, she tries to think of something for which she can be thankful. Her father is a poor pastor who occasionally receives these “missionary barrels” from the Ladies’ Aid Society. Pollyanna is hoping and praying for a doll to be in the next barrel. When the next barrel arrives, the only thing in it a little girl could possibly use are a pair of kid sized crutches. Although Pollyanna is disappointed, she does give thanks that she does not have to use these crutches. It’s a delightful classic children’s book that gave me a new perspective on thankfulness.

    Anyhow, just wanted to share that and to thank you for this post!



  4. Good point, Carol, if our focus is on giving thanks, we won’t have time for any grumbling!

  5. Janet,
    thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    Life problems could easily take away/ absorb our problems. I guess that’s why God gave Holly Spirit to dwell in us.

    Despite the rocky road, we all shall sing. Remember the “I will sing” song by Don Moen? I just posted it up on my site.

    BLESSINGS for you my friend. Hugs and Kisses for your bundle of joys ^_^

    ~ Annita

  6. Annita,

    Just checked out the song you posted–it’s a good one. I’ve felt that way many times, and I am learning to sing and praise Him during those times too.

    Say “Hi” to Emily for me–give her a great big hug!!


    P.S. One of these days, I’m going to make an award to 1st be presented to you–“Encourager In The Faith!”

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