Speaking of Thanks…

Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is not the only special day to our family this week? You see, this Friday is a day of remembrance and thanks for an event that took place eleven years ago. On November 23rd, 1996, the prayer of a 15 year old boy was answered (after 10 yrs.), when Scott and I said “I do.” I dedicate this post to my husband Scott, whom I will love and cherish until the day I die. Scott is a wonderful husband and father, and I thank the Lord for him. Scott is a man of character, conviction, and most importantly, a man of God. His faith, strength, courage, and sense of humor help me to press on each day.

I like the fact that our wedding anniversary is right at Thanksgiving. That way, we can never forget to give thanks for each other!

God Bless you, Honey. I love you very much!