More Comments From Kerry’s Corner…

–The other day, Kerry fell into the corner of the piano stool and got a nasty bruise on his forehead. Later that same day, the kids were having chocolate pudding after lunch. Kerry says, “I hope this chocolate pudding goes straight to my head–I mean my forehead–so it will feel better!”


–One day this week, we had some forest friends to visit our backyard. There were several deer on the other side of our fence, and one had even jumped the fence. The kids and I were enjoying observing the deer, when Kerry exclaims, “Oh, I wish I could pet it and ride it! O-h-h, (he chuckles), hee, hee, It’s so awesome! O-o-h, It’s staring at me!”


–One morning, Kerry had started on his schoolwork early, before Sarah had gotten up. Kerry says, “I’m going to do my work, and no one is going to take it away from me! I know Sarah wants my work because she says it’s easier, but I’m not sharing this!