More On–What Are Kids Saying?

What are kids really saying? They have their own terminology sometimes, don’t they? Here’s some more of my kid’s frequently used words and definitions:

**Note: These words can be added to the Kid’s Code originally posted here.




1. “Berba King” –n (known to others as “Burger King”) 1. A place to play with THE BIGGEST AND BEST indoor play equipment. 2. Place where you can also occasionally eat.

2. “Flying Ship” –n (Kerry’s word) 1. A sailboat

3. “Pleano” –n (Kerry’s word–known to others as “piano”) 1. a musical instrument (which the family loves to hear Daddy play). 2. Also an object used by kids, as a means of torturing their mother. This “object of torment” is particularly effective when kids want attention, and Mommy has a bad headache.

4. “Compluter” –n (Kerry’s word–known to others as “computer”) 1. A “fun box” complete with games, songs, pictures, videos, etc.

5. “Mommy“-n (same spelling and pronunciation, but alternate meanings) 1. “Good Cop”–if you want something, always go to this parent first. 2. “Traitor”–this parent is usually “easier to deal with,” but will still “side with Daddy,” when he says “no” to something.

6. “Daddy“-n (familiar spelling and pronunciation, but alternate meanings) 1. “Bad Cop”–don’t “mess” with this parent. 2. “One Funny Guy”–this parent is really fun and funny. He likes to joke a lot, except when it comes to discipline!


2 Responses

  1. Carol,

    As always, it was good to hear from you.

    Yes, I am enjoying the holiday season. Today has been a great day, and I am rejoicing and thanking God!

    In Him,

  2. It’s only the wise parents that can crack the kid code. My kids are 12 and 16 now, but I remember cracking the code when they were younger. Sometimes we talk about the things they used to say when they were little. It makes for good memories.

    Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season.



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