Still “Cracking” The Kid’s Code…

Here’s a few more words and definitions to add to the Kid’s Code list:

1. Eggs and “grips”n (Kerry’s phrase; otherwise known as “eggs and grits”) 1. Kerry’s favorite breakfast.

2. “Law-Mart”n (Kerry’s word; known to most as “Wal-Mart”) 1. A place that has everything! 2. A place that Mommy hates to visit; but the kids would love to frequent! 3. Toy and Junk-food Land

3. Phonen (regular spelling, but different meaning to kids) 1. An object of annoyance that inspires jealousy and erratic behavior among children everywhere (if the phone call is for Mommy). 2. A call (for Mommy) from this device must be intercepted, interrupted, and terminated as quickly as possible!

4. Arts and Craftsn (regular spelling, kids’ special definition) 1. Subject that is often part of the homeschooling schedule. 2. This subject is preferred to occur at the beginning of the day, so it may be used as a stalling technique to avoid other subjects!

5. Jesusn 1. God; God’s Son; our Savior, our friend. 2. The One who is even stronger and more knowledgeable than Daddy!

6. “Mrs. Martha” –n 1. “Candy Lady” 2. “Preacher’s Girl” 3. Our friend

7. Grandparentsn 1. These relatives must give us lots of kisses, hugs, candy, and ice-cream! (It’s a rule somewhere–really!!) 2. They are extra special because they always think we’re sweet and cute!


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