The Perfect Christmas

The last couple of days, there’s been a song on my heart. I’ve thought about it before going to bed at night, and when I wake up in the morning the song is still with me. This song is not really a Christmas song, yet it can also be applied to this season…

For some, Christmas has always been a sad and lonely time; full of disappointments and dread. You see, the season can be particularly difficult, when the expectation is that it’s supposed to be such a joyful, wonderful time. The problem is that many do not understand “the reason for the season, ” and they depend on circumstances and situations to create “just the right Christmas!” Some examples of these necessary components for “the perfect Christmas” might include:

–The stars must align just right

–there must be plenty of money in the old bank account

–family members must give us expensive, thoughtful, “perfect” gifts (if they really love us and know us well, they will know what to get us!)

–we must feel loved, accepted, respected, appreciated

–everyone must get along perfectly

–everyone must be healthy and happy


Of course with such expectations concerning Christmas, many people become extremely disappointed and disenchanted with the whole idea of the season! What’s missing? What’s making some people feel so empty? Even if they manage to have lots of money, are lavished with lots of wonderful, expensive gifts, and are able to give others extraordinary gifts, they will find that something is still lacking!….

When will we realize–people need the Lord?


People Need The Lord

(Words by: Greg Nelson)

Everyday they pass me by,
I can see it in their eyes.
Empty people filled with care,
Headed who knows where?

On they go through private pain,
Living fear to fear.
Laughter hides their silent cries,
Only Jesus hears.

People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
At the end of broken dreams, He’s the open door.
People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
When will we realize — people need the Lord?

We are called to take His light
To a world where wrong seems right.
What would be too great a cost
For sharing Life with one who’s lost?

Through His love our hearts can feel
All the grief they bear.
They must hear the Words of Life
Only we can share.

People need the Lord, people need the Lord
At the end of broken dreams, He’s the open door.
People need the Lord, people need the Lord.
When will we realize that we must give our lives,
For people need the Lord.
People need the Lord.


**Note: Does someone you know need the Lord? Please pray for them today, and share, as His Holy Spirit leads. Who knows? They may still receive the “perfect Christmas gift,” after all. Jesus is holding out the “perfect gift” of salvation, and He’s patiently waiting for people to accept it…


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