Looking For Hidden Treasure…

…And no, this time the title does not have some great metaphorical meaning. No, really, this post is about what the kids enjoyed doing on Christmas day. You see, their Grand-Daddy orchestrated this whole event with a hidden map, a fictional pirate, and a buried “hand-made” treasure chest full of delightful “bounty” for the kids. For months, my husband had been “setting the stage” by dropping hints at dinner and telling grandiose stories about the great “Captain Hornswagle” and his buried treasure…

Then, Heather (my 13 yr. old niece) was very instrumental in helping the kids “stumble upon” a “hidden” map… You just can’t imagine the EXCITEMENT of the “three amigos” (my Sarah and Kerry and my niece Rachel). Well, hey, you don’t have to just imagine their extreme enthusiasm. Instead, you may check out this video by clicking here.


P.S.  My husband Scott shot and edited the video of our great treasure hunting adventure.


6 Responses

  1. Hi Julie,

    Thanks! My husband Scott enjoyed putting that video together. That’s my father-in-law, Kerry who orchestrated the hunt. He thoroughly enjoyed himself! Yes, our kids our quite fortunate to have such wonderful grandparents on both sides and to live close-by to them.

    We have had a wonderful Christmas. Blessings to you and your family!

    Love N Him,

  2. Hey Carol,

    The kids have already enjoyed watching the video too.


  3. I love it!!! The video was great 🙂 What a wonderful example of a grandparent you have there! This world needs more grandparents like that. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  4. That was neat! What a great memory for your kids. I’m sure that will be a Christmas that they will remember for years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Regina–hey girl!

    Thanks! Yeah, I’m glad “Big Kerry” came up with that, and I’m glad we had that little adventure.

    Sarah loves modeling stuff, and of course they all enjoyed the edible treats. In fact, we had all been snacking on the treats so much, that somehow they “accidentally” became hidden again! (ha, ha!)

    See you tonight!

    Love N Him,

  6. I enjoyed watching the children’s treasure hunt. It
    was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to see what trea-
    sure it could of been. And as Sarah modeled it,
    was beautiful treasure indeed! Not to mention,
    yummy treasure too! What a great family involvement

    Love & Prayers,

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