More on “The Great Treasure Hunt”

Last post, I gave a brief synopsis of what the kids did on Christmas Day. Below are some comments from the hunters of “The Great Treasure Hunt“:

Born Cynic #1: “I bet Grand Daddy made this whole thing up!” —Rachel

Natural Cynic #2: “Is there really a treasure?” —Little Kerry

The Gung Ho One: “I TOLD you there was a treasure!” —Sarah

Madam Complains-A-Lot (nearing her birthday and feeling old): “This feels like a 3 mile trek through the Himalayas! I’m certain the treasure could have been hidden closer-by!” —Mommy

One Who Must Be 13: “Oh no!! I think I’m sweating!!” —Heather


Scott got the video posted to You Tube, so I could embed it in this post. Check it out:


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