Aren’t Grandmas…Grand?!

There’s just something about those Grandmas, huh? Below is a picture of my mom holding Sarah (who was about 4 at the time). I love seeing such beautiful smiles on the faces of my mom and daughter. I know there’s a bond there I’ll never understand, until I’m graced with the name “Grandma.”



**Note: This post will be part of a series of posts called “Aren’t Grandparents…Grand?!


2 Responses

  1. Being a grandparent is God’s way of saying I am entrusting you with more kids to love and tell them about me. I have seven grandkids and would not trade being there grandparent for anything in this whole wide world. They know they are loved.

  2. Hey Becky! I always enjoy getting messages from you! I know those 7 grandkids are a wonderful blessing, and I’m sure they do know they are loved!

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