Our Little Gentleman

Last night we took the kids to a youth lock-in at our church. None of us stayed the night, but we went for about 3 hours and ate, played games, did a scavenger hunt, etc. At one point, Scott and I were in the kitchen, when Creig comes over to share something funny. He proceeds to tell us about something hilarious that had occurred, which of course involved our little Kerry…

Kerry was sitting, happily munching away on a plate of cheese puffs. Creig walked by Kerry, and then offered his hand for a friendly handshake. Little Kerry hesitated and then examined his own hands, which were covered with the orange residue of cheese puff crumbs.

Kerry sat another moment or two; looking at his hands, when he suddenly seemed struck with the revelation of what he should do next. He then began to lick the crumbs off of his right hand; paying very close attention, as not to miss any. Once Kerry determined his right hand to be “presentable,” he then offered his little slobbery hand to “Mr. Creig!”

Creig, (father of 4 and unscathed), didn’t shun little Kerry, but went right ahead and shook his hand. Of course, he did come straight to share with us what our little boy had done, and how Kerry tried to be “a gentleman.” Creig says, “You taught him well.” I reply, “Yep, it’s moments like these that make Mama proud!” …But you know what–it’s moments like these that I am really proud of my sweet little boy, and it’s moments like these that I don’t want to forget! 😉

2 Responses

  1. Matthew has had a few rememberable moments too.
    That I hope that I don’t forget as well. But I can see Kerry doing that, he’s such a sweet, lovable young man. Don’t ever change Kerry.

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