Alright Kid–“Crack Me Up…”

…Here’s more comments from my son Kerry, and he’s still “cracking me up!” O.k., but I guess the laughing really is a lot better than the crying! Yep, I have done a little crying too, believe me!


–The other morning, I woke up quite early and would have gone straight back to sleep… However, little Kerry is a morning person, and he was already awake and quite determined that I would stay that way too! I was telling Kerry that he should go back to bed because it was still dark. Unfortunately for me, though, Kerry was not deterred in the least.

“It’s almost morning,” Kerry replied with confidence.

“How do you know?” I asked. (It was about 5:00 am, and still completely dark).

With more confidence than ever, Kerry quickly and simply replied, “I just know. I know lots of things.”

–The other day, Kerry and I had the following dialogue:

“Do you remember when you used to go stay with Aunt Lisa some–before she started working more?” I asked.

Sounding more like a 4o year old, than a 4 year old, Kerry replied, “Oh, yes, good times, Mommy…those were good times.”

–I thought little Kerry and I were sharing a special, tender moment the other morning. Then, while I was hugging him, Kerry suddenly looked at me and said:

“Mommy, your head looks like a watermelon!”

–During the family prayer tonight, when it was little Kerry’s turn, he finished up with:

“…and thank you Lord for sleep…to help make our heads grow bigger!


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