Update: Family Prayer Requests…

 **Note:    First posted on Jan. 24th, 2008, and I am updating today, on Fri., Jan. 25th.  (All other current prayer requests can be found on the prayer page–see tab at top).  I just received the following email message from Tiff concerning Uncle Sammy:

Dad is doing great.  He’s home and my aunt Judy is having a hard time keeping up with him!  haha!  He’s doing well and is scheduled to go back on Wednesday to have his feeding tube removed (if not earlier).  Please continue to pray for continued good health and optimism for dad and our family.  His smile is definitely contagious!  Thank you for your continued prayers! 


Originally posted Thurs., Jan. 24th

My cousin Tiff sends the following updates:

Update on dad, he’s coming home today! He came through his surgery fine and the doctor feels confident that they removed all the cancer. It was all contained and he saw nothing above or below the site. The doctors at Wake are amazed at how fast dad is healing and at how optimistic he is! The nurses in ICU even nick-named dad smiley. And as most of you know, mom’s nickname when she was in the hospital is smiley. So this tickled dad tremendously! Carrying on mom’s light for the Lord! But the doctor’s gave dad the option of either coming home with a feeding tube, or staying at the hospital until they take it out. So dad, without hesitation, chose to come home and he’ll go back next week to have the feeding tube removed. He will only have the feeding tube in until his throat heals enough to pass the “swallow test” and he’s able to eat non-solid foods.

Please also keep my niece Bailey in your prayers. She is one sick little girl. The doctors have diagnosed that she has caught RSV. She has a double ear infection and feeling very bad right now. Derek and Shawn have to administer a breathing treatment to her every 2-4 hours or as often as needed until she’s well again. I know that they desire your prayers… as does Bailey too.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all for praying! We have seen evidences of God’s grace and answered prayer everywhere. Please continue to pray as the coming months will prove to be trying as well. But with God’s grace and dad’s great attitude… we’re looking forward to big things.


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