It’s Been 2 Years Now…

…since I started this homeschooling thing, that is. Yep, at the end of January, 2006, I had to pull Sarah and Kerry out of Christian preschool. Sarah was about four and a half, and Kerry was about two and a half.

O.k., I’m not going to lie here–I was slightly devastated. You see, once I was honest with myself and before God, I knew I really didn’t have a choice in the matter. None of my part-time job ventures had really panned out, and we simply could not afford the tuition any longer!

I really didn’t understand it or like it, but I had to face the facts and trust God. Sarah had seemed to be doing so well at her preschool–she was actually already reading very well. Of course, let me also tell you, I LOVED my “breaks” from the kids. In fact, even though these breaks never seemed long enough to actually accomplish much, I wasn’t about to give them up on my own! However, God had a different plan, and I admit I was scared to death!

Well, I had already bought all of the Abeka curriculum for the pre-K (K4) school year, so Sarah’s preschool teacher gave me the rest to take home. We finished up that year’s curriculum at home, and then it was time for Kindergarten. Early that summer, I took Sarah for her check-up and made sure she was up-to-date on all her immunizations, including her 5 yr. old ones that she would need before starting school. I even took her to Kindergarten pre-registration at the local public elementary school (the one for our area).

However, God had been dealing with Scott and I both over the past few months, and something about sending Sarah to public school just didn’t “sit right with me.” Even though it’s known to be “one of the better public schools,” I still didn’t feel good about the whole situation at all. Now, I’m not one of those mothers who just can’t be away from her kids, and I didn’t even envision Sarah or I crying when she went off to Kindergarten. Let’s also not forget, that part of me was really looking forward to Sarah starting public school!

Yet, friend, let me tell you, when you’re not following God’s plan, He will not let you have peace until you get on the right path. There were several things that God made happen along the way during those few months, to help steer us back to His plan. I won’t get into all of them right now (I’ll save those for another post in the near future).

Anyway, once again, at first, I was “scared out of my mind!” Whenever I would think about homeschooling without prayerful consideration, I’ll admit I didn’t exactly feel confident. However, when I did pray, the Lord would always give me a special peace and let me know that He would help me every step of the way.

Well, after two years, I’m finally starting to get a little organized and to feel more hopeful about this actually working! Just in the last couple of days, I’ve had some breakthroughs with Kerry. The last month or so, I have seen more improvement with Sarah, and the Lord has been showing me in several little ways that He is still here, helping me through. I’m finding more little changes I can make that have a great result, as I keep praying and asking for God’s guidance to work “smarter,” not just “harder!”

You see, this stuff doesn’t exactly come naturally to me in many ways. However, over the years, I can recall several things God has led me to do that did not come easily for me. He’s helped me through them all; even helping me to excel at some, even though none of them started out easy.


Well, Lord, I think I’m finally beginning to see…You’re doing it again, aren’t You? Even though I haven’t seen how it would be possible. Once again, I was just about to give up, right before You were about to start turning things around. I know, like so many times before, you’re showing me how…little by little…and day by day…

Thank You Lord. Let my heart always trust in You…


2 Responses

  1. Jendi, I know that feeling all too well….

    I can’t promise it will always be an easy road, but if that’s the path He wants you to take, I know our Lord will help you.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Homeschooling is staring me in the face for this fall or as soon as I want to start, I guess. I’m half excited and half scared to death.

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