Who Says God Doesn’t…

…have a sense of humor? …And who says Christians don’t laugh and enjoy themselves? Well, some of us certainly still have a sense of humor. Check out the following church signs:

**Note: Found the above pictures at Women’s Funny Videos, over here.

I Thank Him…

…for the neighborhood Burger King!

After homeschooling, this afternoon, I was sitting at the local Burger King in the indoor play-place.  I found a great spot where the sun was shining through the windows onto the table.  It was so nice to feel the warm sun, while snug inside; protected from the chilly wind…

Such an outing every once in a while has become a coping mechanism for me!  I used to feel a little guilty about spending the money, but I’ve since decided it’s definitely worth it.  (We don’t even spend that much either–I often just get the kids a snack and water to drink). While the kids play, I’m actually able to have my quiet time in “relative peace and quiet,” and most importantly, without excessive interruptions!

It works out good for all of us.  We all get out of the house, the kids get to play, and I get to have some much needed prayer and Bible study time!  (It works well on cold days, when it’s a little too chilly to play outside much!)   -)

Waiting…Patiently, Right?!

Last night, at bed-time, Sarah read to me from Prayers at Easter-time (by Pamela Kennedy).  Each page has a different children’s prayer accompanied by a Bible verse.  I really liked and identified with this one:

Sometimes it’s hard to wait

for the rain to stop,

for the seeds to grow,

and for summer to finally come.

Do you ever get tired

of waiting, Jesus?

Maybe if we wait together,

it won’t seem so long.

“Be still before the Lord

and wait patiently for him.” Psalm 37:7 

Motherhood–How Delightfully Confusing

Last night, I plopped down in my recliner at about 8:00 p.m. The kids were absorbed in a cartoon they were watching on T.V., so I thought to myself, “Yay, here’s a chance for me to read a little.” I dug out the book (More Stories For The Heart) that I had tried to start reading a month or so back. I turned to page 155 to read a brief story from the topic “family,” and this was what I read:

When Grown Kids Come To Visit

By: Erma Bombeck

In earlier days, I was a mother who made her kids pick up their rooms, make their own snacks, and put their laundry in the utility room. Now when they come home, I put the rules aside. I am like a concierge looking for a big tip. I follow them around asking, “Are you hungry? Can I get you something? Do you have laundry?”

I eat when they want to eat, cook their favorite foods just before they tell me they are going out with friends and watch helplessly as they eat their way through a pound of baked ham at three in the afternoon.

On their visit, my life changes. I have no car. My washer is set at extra-large load and has two socks and a T-shirt in it. The phone rings constantly and is never for me.

At the end of their visits, we set aside a day, pack a lunch and head for the airport. It isn’t until I return home that I sense how orderly my life has become. I enjoy the quiet. The TV tuner is rescued from the clothes hamper and is returned to its place on the coffee table. The empty milk and juice cartons are removed from the refrigerator. The wet towels are put in the washer. The bathroom is returned to health standards.

It is my world again. So why am I crying?


S-o-o-o, upon finishing this one little story, I brushed away a tear or two, and promptly placed the book back on the end table. I turned toward the couch and studied each of my children for a moment, as they continued staring blankly at the T.V. I then asked imploringly, “Would anyone like to come sit with Mommy in the chair?” Kerry quickly obliged, and in less than a minute was nestled on my right side; sharing my blanket. At first, Sarah seemed uninterested. However, before long, she too made her way over to the chair, and was soon settled on my other side.

I hugged my two “babies” and held them close, as we sat there; all piled into that old recliner. The three of us were all snuggled and warm, while Gracie (our family dog) sat at my feet. For a moment, as I sighed in contentment, “all was right with the world”………


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More Cute and Precious Pets

Well, here’s more cute and precious for you. I can’t help it–they make me smile, and I just have to share! Blessings to you! )

Best Friends Forever

Funny Dog pictures & photos # 62

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How Will You Spend It?

Time is something I think most all of us tend to take for granted. How do we spend our time? Doesn’t time seem to “get away” from us? Really, where does the time go?

Well, last night, I was reminded of a good song by Clint Black (from a little while back) that  addresses this issue of “time.” (For some reason, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I really started to appreciate some Country Music). Anyway, I have posted the song below; you may not have heard it for a while, or maybe not at all. I hope as you follow along with the lyrics and listen to this song, that you think about the gift of “time,” and remember not to stress over it, but to appreciate each and every day our good Lord gives us!


**Update: This morning when I was reading Our Daily Bread, this aspect of time was reiterated. The ending poem and last comment are as follows:

Farewell dear flowers, sweetly your time ye spent,
Fit, while ye lived, for smell or ornament,
And after death for cures.
I follow straight without complaints or grief,
Since if my scent be good, I care not, if
It be as short as yours.
~~George Herbert

“What wisdom in this poem! Our time, however short, may be spent “sweetly”—a sweet fragrance of Christ to others (2 Cor. 2:14-16). Should not this be our prayer each day as we arise?” — David H. Roper


Spend My Time

Artist: Clint Black

How can we know how far,
The long way can be?
Looking from where we are,
It never seemed that long to me.
I’ve many miles behind me,
Maybe not so much ahead.
It seems I made good time,
With the directions I misread.

So I’m gonna spend my time,
Like it’s going out of style.
I’m moving the bottom line,
Farther than a country mile.
I still have hills to climb,
Before I hit that wall.
No matter how much time I buy,
I can never spend it all.

Funny thing, that time:
We’re always running out.
I’m always losing mine,
There’s not enough of it about.
An’ though it’s always here,
It will always come and go.
The days become the years,
That’ll be gone before you know.

So I’m gonna spend my time,
Like it’s going out of style.
I’m moving the bottom line,
Better than a country mile.
I still have hills to climb,
Before I hit that wall.
I won’t go quietly into that dark night.
There’ll be no more burnin’ daylight.
I’ll be living in,
Every moment that I’m in.

Oh,I’m gonna spend my time,
Like it’s going out of style.
I’ll only use what’s mine,
I’ve been savin’ for a while.
I still have hills to climb,
Before I hit that wall.

No matter how much time I buy,
I can never spend it all.
No matter how much time we buy,
We can never spend it all.

I’m gonna spend my time.
I’m gonna spend my time.


**You may read today’s entire devotional (from Our Daily Bread), by clicking here.

Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love (The Love Of A Parent)

(By: Janet Chestnut, 2/21/08)

Oh Lord, my Savior and friend… lost_lamb_parson

Just why do you love me so?

You love me, even with each flaw

Yet, why I will never know.


I know you loved me first…

and that for me–You chose to die.

You suffered such pain and agony.

It’s still so hard to fathom why.



To relate to such love–even just a bit

I must look at each precious tot.

For no matter what they may do…

I just can’t help but love them a lot!


You see, I loved them first too.

My babies, they always will be.

I loved them before they were born;

yes, before they even knew me.


My love for my kids is everlasting:

A love that keeps growing each day.

There’s so much I still have to teach them.

I just pray they will go the right way.


They may not know the extent of my love…

They won’t see every teardrop that falls.

They won’t always see me on bended knee…

As to my Heavenly Father I do call.


Yes, I may not fully comprehend

the love of my Saviour and friend.

My kids won’t know the depth of my love….

Though my love for them has no end!

Copyright 2008, Janet Chestnut, Daily Provision


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