Everybody’s A Comedian…

…Well, at least, the kids in this family would make good comedians! They can be hilarious without even trying or meaning to. In fact, I often feel like I’m in a comic strip or sitcom…Check out these comments:


–On the following occasion, when the kids were about 2 and 4, and they were acting up…

My husband Scott says: “Alright, who wants a spanking?!”

Sarah quickly sidesteps to the right, points to her brother Kerry, and says: “He does!”


–Years ago, when my niece was little, she had been told not to eat anything else…

Scott catches her in the act of trying to inhale half a banana. Scott promptly asks, “What’s in your mouth?”

With her mouth stuffed, my niece replies, “Nothin’!”

Scott says, “Don’t tell me ‘nothing!’ You tell me the truth. Now, what’s in your mouth?”

My niece, most innocently responds, “THE TRUTH?”


–One day, a few months back, I noticed that our old recliner finally had a tear in it.

“Oh, no–looks like our recliner has finally ripped,” I said (while examining the torn place in the seat).

Kerry looks at the torn seat and then looks at and points out my expanding backside. Then he slyly and confidently exclaims, “I think I know how that happened!!” (I’ll spare you the rest of his words–they weren’t bad, but they weren’t exactly lovely either!)


–Last night, when we were over at Scott’s parents, his mom was trying to kiss little Kerry on the cheek…

Grandma says, “Kerry, I’m going to get all your sugar!”

Sarah quickly replies, “Grandma, you’re not getting any sugar from him…’cause he’s a LEMON!”



One Response

  1. You laced my day with humor as those comments by the kids are adorable. Thanks for the chuckle!

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