My Beloved Coffee…

…wherefore art thou? Oh, how I do love thee. Let me count the ways. -D I love your freshly brewed smell in the mornings. I love your taste along with all your wonderful new creamer flavorings. I love the warmth of you–you soothe my sore throat in the morning, you comfort me, and you keep me warm on cold mornings. I love how you make me my morning headaches subside; make me feel more energized, alive, and focused…

However, alas, our relationship cannot go on the way it has. You see, the truth is, you’re just not good for me. You are not what I thought you were. I thought I knew you, but I really didn’t. You’ve had me fooled all this time…you really didn’t love me back, and you have not treated me well at all. All you’ve left me with is empty promises, high blood pressure, and a fast heart-beat! Therefore, I must bid you farewell…


I know these ramblings of mine might sound silly, but they’re more accurate than one might care to think! I have been an avid coffee drinker for quite some time–the kind who is almost downright passionate about it. However, it’s just something I’ve become way too dependent on, and it’s certainly not doing me any favors! I’m flabbergasted that I find it even more difficult to limit or give up coffee than chocolate or sweets!

I have talked about just limiting it so-o-o-o many times, but somehow I either never get around to it, or I always find myself going back to consuming more and more! This time though, my doctor has helped me accept reality, by showing me just how much the caffeine has been affecting me. My consumption of coffee has not done wonders for my blood pressure, I can assure you. Yes, the truth is painful, but very much needed. I’m telling you, that even limiting to one small cup in the mornings has been brutal!

Just this morning, while experiencing the lovely caffeine withdrawal symptoms, I was thinking back to a post I wrote called “Ch-ch-ch-changes.” In that post, I had mentioned about how I need to rely on the Lord, and nothing else. I find it so easy to become dependent on these little “crutches” and vices. However, the Lord is trying to make me be honest with myself and pull me away from these things, before I let them pull me away from Him! The Holy Spirit is convicting my heart that anything I love or depend upon that much constitutes “sin.” Our Father loves us and knows what is best for us. Sin left unchecked only leads to bad things and interferes with our relationship with Him.

This morning I also found a couple comments and a new post made by my blogging friend, Gin (you may view here). She mentioned how the Lord had put that same “Ch-ch-ch-changes” message on her heart and mind this morning. I was humbled and thankful to God for this reiteration that I needed as much as anybody!

Thank you Lord for loving me enough to repeat Yourself! Please help me to rely on You more each day and to grow in Your love, patience, and wisdom…

Please help me to love You foremost and to let nothing come between us…not even a travel size mug of the best “Cup A Joe!”  -D


2 Responses

  1. Hi Janet,

    Thanks so much for your treasured comment this morning…it made my day! I too have a love for coffee. I have been able to overcome my constant need for it…and now I only drank it on a special occasion. Be encouraged…the side affects of not having the caffine will past. I’ll be praying for you.

    With Love Your Sister in Christ….

  2. Hi Gin,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and thanks for your prayers.

    I hope I didn’t go too overboard with my silly proclamation about my love for coffee. I was just trying to be cute and funny about it.

    It does frustrate me though that I let it get out of hand, and I couldn’t believe how hard it has been the first three days! However, Praise The Lord, I’m already feeling better as far as the coffee withdrawal symptoms!

    Smiles back at you my friend!
    Love N Christ,

    P.S. Please still keep me in your prayers though. There has been some improvement in my blood pressure, but my heart has still been racing, and I don’t know why.

    I am still praying for you and your business also. I know it must be exciting and scary at the same time. My husband and I would love to eventually just have our own home business too.

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