Homeschooling Must Go On…

…even though I certainly don’t feel up to par, the least I can do is read with my kids! My sister-in-law recently gave us tons of Dr. Seuss books, and they are perfect for helping little Kerry learn how to read. He just loves them! Little Kerry is especially drawn to the rhyming fun of Dr. Seuss.

Scott has been helping little Kerry in the evenings and weekends too, and we have already witnessed Kerry reading his first sentence, and then his first page! Of course, little Kerry has been so extremely proud and pleased with himself, and yeah, I suppose us parents have been a wee-bit proud ourselves!

Well, as I stated earlier “homeschooling must go on,” and I believe it’s about that time this morning. I’ve purposely rested up this weekend (which I rarely do) in hopes to have more energy and focus for our school time today. So, I must go for now. There is reading to do, people to learn about, and places to “visit!”


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  1. Hi Carol,

    Yes, we have just about all the Dr. Seuss books too, but I don’t know if we’ve read any by Bill Peet. I will have to check some of his books out at our local library. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for your honest response–you make some very good points here. I am continuously praying about this issue. Only He knows what is best for my family and what the future holds…

    Today, I am definitely in the mindset of taking “one day at a time!”

    Blessings to you,

  3. When my kids were younger, I always felt too like if I didn’t do anything else, we just had to read. I loved reading books to the kids when they were little, and I think we read every Dr. Seuss book in print. Another favorite author of ours was Bill Peet. Have you ever read any of his books? He illustrated all his books and had such a great imagination. His books we just always checked out from our local library which kept a good supply of them.

    Well anyhow, I hope you had a great school day today.



  4. the whole homeschooling thing is pretty interesting though 🙂
    we don’t have that here, so what is it all about?? do you need a certain degree to teach your kids?.. do people only teach their own kids or do they go to other kids as well?
    why would people choose to do homeschooling?? i’m just curious about that and i’m trying to learn more about american culture this way 😀 thanks!!!

  5. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your questions.

    I believe it varies by state, but here in NC, parents are required to at least have a high school diploma in order to home-school their children. In order to qualify as a home-school, there can only be 2 households involved. For example, last year, my sister-in-law (Lisa) and I worked together to home-school my 2 children and her youngest daughter. Sometimes, 2 families will “swap” expertise in certain subject areas, etc. I am allowed to home-school my kids and children from only one other household (like I did last year with my niece).

    I believe that the values and morals that this country was once founded upon have greatly declined and are daily being replaced by ungodly ideas and trends. These anti-moral attitudes have infiltrated every aspect of society–the government, the schools, the workplace, the home, the family, etc. There are unspoken societal rules being taught that are in stark contrast to the Bible.

    Furthermore, many schools in this country are in chaos. I cannot speak for every school in the US, but I have certainly witnessed plenty of things going wrong in schools around here! I also know that many of the same things happen in other areas across the country because of news programs, newspapers, and the blogs of others.

    Teachers have no real control over their classrooms. Many teachers are not good role models themselves. Also, kids learn very little academically for the amount of time they attend school. Furthermore, kids who are being taught no values at home are dropped off at school to beat up others. Some kids are teased beyond belief, and nothing is really done about it. When the wrong kid is subjected to such cruelty, we end up with school shootings and such.

    At some schools, kids are having intimate relations in the bathrooms! Sometimes kids are having intimate relations with their own teachers!

    Even at the youngest level, kids just know too much. They have unnecessary pressures and stresses that they are too young to deal with, and shouldn’t have to! Many kids are on drugs, right along with their parents! Many kids show no respect for anyone, because they have never been taught otherwise!

    Children are growing up with one parent, with four parents (2 step-parents), with gay parents, and with no parents around to supervise them at all. One thing I saw a lot when I was a school counselor at the middle school level was kids being raised by grandparents who just couldn’t “handle” them. I’m not just saying anything against the different types of families, but I am talking about kids being able to “roam free” and “do their own thing” without any parental limits, punishment, guidance, etc.

    I may not be able to change the school system overnight, but I certainly do not have to subject my own children to it. To me, it’s like “throwing my children to the wolves.” I have a God-given responsibility to teach, guide, direct, and correct my children and to “bring them up in the admonition of the Lord.” The public schools seem void of God to me, so how can I in good conscience send them there? Prayer is not allowed, the 10 commandments have been taken out, and God is not to even be mentioned. I can’t tell you how many times I was warned as a counselor that I could not mention my relationship with God or my job would be in jeopardy!

    I’ll be honest, home-schooling is certainly not the easiest route for me. However doing what God calls us to do is quite often not the easiest path, huh? Also, to be honest, If we had plenty of money flowing, I would probably strongly consider an excellent Christian private school. Although, I would still miss out on a lot with my kids. Eight hours a day is a lot of molding and shaping of kid’s attitudes, and it’s a lot of valuable time that I would never get back! You know, that’s time for learning, laughter, and loving! After all, they’re only little once!

    I hope this response answers your questions, and please feel free to ask away! (I know this response got a little lengthy, but I do get a little passionate about this topic!)


    P.S. Homeschooling is on the rise in many areas. I’m a member of a wonderful homeschooling group that has seen quite an increase in the past decade. However, it is not very widespread right around me. Our family is the only one at my church who home-schools, and no one else in my extended family has ever home-schooled (except my sister-in-law–for the one year). Therefore, I am so thankful for homeschooling moms I meet in my Christian home-school group and on the Internet!

  6. Hey Janet!! Thanks so much for answering my questions in detail! I appreciate it.

    I will read it through and of course if I have more questions I will let you know. Thanks so much!


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  8. I am a Christian parent (and certified English teacher) who chose not to home school our sons. Please note I said chose. There are reasons to home school and reasons not to.

    I think your child(ren) are young. And reading to them is the very best. way to educate them. All parents should read to their children whether they are home schooled or not. But please don’t take a stand that you can’t back down from later. Education is an on-going process, and If – later on – your child is interested in physics, you might have to face the fact that he needs more math and science than you know. A decision to home school should be made over and over, not once. It’s not like breaking a marriage vow to send a child to school.

    (Oh, I found you from Carol Connell’s blog.)

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