Everlasting Love

Everlasting Love (The Love Of A Parent)

(By: Janet Chestnut, 2/21/08)

Oh Lord, my Savior and friend… lost_lamb_parson

Just why do you love me so?

You love me, even with each flaw

Yet, why I will never know.


I know you loved me first…

and that for me–You chose to die.

You suffered such pain and agony.

It’s still so hard to fathom why.



To relate to such love–even just a bit

I must look at each precious tot.

For no matter what they may do…

I just can’t help but love them a lot!


You see, I loved them first too.

My babies, they always will be.

I loved them before they were born;

yes, before they even knew me.


My love for my kids is everlasting:

A love that keeps growing each day.

There’s so much I still have to teach them.

I just pray they will go the right way.


They may not know the extent of my love…

They won’t see every teardrop that falls.

They won’t always see me on bended knee…

As to my Heavenly Father I do call.


Yes, I may not fully comprehend

the love of my Saviour and friend.

My kids won’t know the depth of my love….

Though my love for them has no end!

Copyright 2008, Janet Chestnut, Daily Provision


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3 Responses

  1. I was sent here from my post. So glad I found you. I have questions on blogging. I am very excited to see you here. thank you so much….
    Please contact when you can.

    Hi there, Barb! I’m so glad to meet you also! Hey, concerning the “ins and outs” of blogging, I would be happy to answer any questions and help in any way that I can. I don’t promise to know everything about it, but I’m certainly willing to help with what I do know or send you to someone who does know! I am very thankful for other bloggers who helped me when I first started (along with other resources and my wonderful hubby–when he’s not too busy!) I’ve learned the most just through “trial and error,” like I do with a lot of things!

    I LOVE your blog! I checked it out a little while last night–can’t wait to return for a longer visit when I have a chance!


    P.S. My mother-in-law’s name is Barb, and that’s a good thing–she’s great!

  2. Janet..
    thank you so much for your sweet comment and your reply.
    I am Brody’s Mom. (brodyharper.com) He introduced me to blogging. He has recently started a business for Christian Music artists for their blogs. MercyMe, Phil Wickham, Natalie Grant. He doesn’t always have to time to answer questions that I may want like those little boxes on the left and right of your text and the little widgets for verses, etc. i really like that. He did not know how to do that or where they come from. Can you teach me about that?
    Thank you, Barb

    Hi Barb! Sorry it’s taken me a day and a half or so to get back with you on that.


    On your blog dashboard, where the word “write” is written in blue and is in the top left-hand corner (in the blue area), above the word “Dashboard”…..

    –Look for the word “Design” (which is the third word over in the line starting with “Write” ).

    –Click on the word “Design.”

    –Your new window will be opened up with choices starting with the word “Theme.” (Now it will depend on which theme you are using for your blog, as to what widgets you can have, how many widgets, how many sidebars, etc.)

    –Next, you will click on “Widgets,” which should be to the right of the word “Theme.”

    –Another thing to note here, is that I did my widgets several months to a year ago, and WordPress has changed everyone’s basic Dashboard since then! So far, when I click on widgets now, I’m not sure what to do! It looks completely different! While you are going through the above steps, I will be taking a better look at this!


    Let me know when you get this message, and if you know what to do so far. Hope I didn’t make it too basic for you. I just remember having trouble finding a lot of these things when I started!

  3. Hi Janet

    I followed your instructions, then there was a long list of words on the left, some of which I did not know what they meant. I would like verse, pretty things, etc. So if you can, please look on there and see if the changes are so different that it is not possible or whatever.. thank you for your help. You are great.

    Love, Barb

    Hey Barb,

    –First of all, for now, ignore all the terms on the left, except “Text.”
    –Click on the blue bar to “add” a “text” widget.
    –A box will open up for the “text” widget, and your cursor should be flashing in it, so that you may go ahead and type one of your favorite verses. When you are done typing, you click on “change” to make sure it is saved.
    –Next, check on the front of your blog to see if it worked.

    –Adding an image with the verse is a little more complicated. Let me know how it went with adding the verse.


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