A Homeschooling Monday

The kids got straight to work on their studies this morning, as we have been planning to go to the park today (it is supposed to reach 70 around here).  Sarah has almost finished one spelling workbook and will be starting on another in a week or so.  She has also started her BJU 2nd grade Grammar.  Sarah’s on the 3rd chapter and has been doing very well. I’ve definitely found Sarah’s favorite way to do math–counting money!  She is currently working on saving, and quickly learning how to tally her change. Kerry is continuing to work on simple adding/subtracting and sounding out letters and short words.

After the kids finished their school-work, they watched a little T.V., while I was working on household chores.  It wasn’t long before the kids were bored, and it’s just as well (they don’t need to watch too much of that “box” anyway!) -)   So, I let them know that if they wanted to go to the park, they might want to help me with the chores, as I needed to get some things done before we left…

Sarah helped with the dishes, and Sarah and Kerry helped with folding laundry.  I started to put some clothes away, when Kerry hit his head on the kitchen table and started crying.  He had been “horsing around” some and had been told to stop, but began again when I had my back turned.

I held Kerry for a couple of minutes, checked out his boo-boo, kissed his boo-boo, and then headed off to find some ice.  Meanwhile, Sarah promptly covered Kerry with a blanket, brought him his favorite stuffed bunny, and put his pirate hat on his head.  I came back in the living room to witness Sarah taking very good care of her little brother.  Sarah tucked Kerry in, kissed and hugged him, and wiped his tears (just as I would do–it was so incredibly sweet!) Sensing that the “situation” had already been handled, I sat down on a nearby couch.  Finally, Sarah got out one of her favorite stories and read it to Kerry.

It wasn’t long before Kerry stated that his head felt much better!  I just LOVE it when the kids are loving to each other like that!  (The last couple of days, it’s seemed like they’ve been fighting more, so this was a real blessing today!)

Well, I’d better go.  I have an appointment with my kids at the park, you know.  I don’t want to be late!

Have a wonderful day! 


One Response

  1. This was so heart-warming…thanks for sharing. No doubt this will be one of your precious memories….
    Blessings, Gin

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