Pets–A Connection Made

In a previous post about pets, I mentioned how just looking at these soft, sweet creatures seems to lower my blood pressure and makes me smile! Well, I just knew there was a connection between pets and lower blood pressure, and last night I found an article that supports this concept. The article is called “Why Do Humans Bond With Animals?,” and it gives many reasons for the relationships between humans and animals. (You may view this article here). At the end of the article, the following statements are made by expert, Carol Ouhl:

…According to Ouhl, researchers have discovered that pet attraction is more than just an emotional one.

“There’s a physiological reaction to pets. Blood pressure drops when you pet an animal. It drops even more when you pet your own animal,” she said.

**(Carol Ouhl is a Certified Therapy Animal Trainer in Minnesota).


Well, there you have it, folks! Not only are pets fun, they are good for you too! Of course, you know, I can’t end this post without sharing some cute and cuddly, precious pets! Check out these sweetie pies–they are part of the World’s Cutest Animals collection:


Puppy Costume

Puppy and Kitty Kissing
Kittens In Trouble
Puppy Sleeping

**Note: The article mentioned above, along with all photos, were found at:

Worlds Cutest

**P.S. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day! -)


2 Responses

  1. Hi Janet,

    I love the pet pictures! There is no doubt that pets are great therapy for us. I find this especially true for the elderly. My Dad turns 85 in 5 days and our 2 dogs give him great enjoyment, plus they help keep him active. He is always reaching for them and petting on them. It is easy to see they make him feel good.

    Have a great day!


  2. Hi Gin,

    Aren’t pets great?! What a blessing that your dogs bring joy to your dad!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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