Thursday Thirteen #1

O.k., I am combining two things here:

–I’m adding a post to the recent “Questions about Homeschooling” series (see here). {This is just a brief, informal, (hopefully a bit lighter and funnier) post}

–For the first time, I’m contributing to the weekly “Thursday Thirteen.” (Many other bloggers participate in this regularly. The last one I’ve read is from Lori, here and the Thursday Thirteen site is here.).

Thirteen Reasons For Homeschooling:

1. You can go to school in your pajamas. (Uh…hum, so I hear). -)

2. No more parent/teacher conferences, PTA meetings, or open houses! (Yay!)

3. When anyone’s acting like a bully, you get to handle the discipline! ;-)

4. Creativity is once again a good thing!! (“Thinking outside the box” and using one’s imagination are both encouraged and greatly appreciated!)

5. You get to dust off the Bible, bring out the 10 Commandments, and pray until your little heart’s content!

6. No more phone calls informing you of what your child has recently done. (No one knows better than you!)

7. You no longer have to worry about “who your kids’ friends are.” (You know all their friends and what your kids are doing).

8. You have more reason(s) than ever to live as closely to God as you can. (You will need God’s wisdom, discernment, and guidance every step of the way. Of course, you will also need His help to keep your sanity! -D )

9. You will tend to be more careful in your attitudes, words, and behaviors. Old, bad habits will be easier to discard. (Precious little eyes are always watching!)

10. No longer will you question whether or not you have hugged, kissed, held, or spoken to your child all day.

11. You’ll be shocked at the money you’ll save; when you can no longer spend any!! ;-)

12. You’ll be delighted at the things your kids don’t know and don’t need to. -)

13. You’ll be overjoyed at the things your kids do know as a result of homeschooling! (They will know things like problem-solving, critical thinking, character traits, values, morals, scripture, sharing, etc. They will also learn about the mutual love and respect of God, family, and others.)


6 Responses

  1. Hi Robyn, Melissa, and “Dane,”

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my 1st Thurs. Thirteen!


  2. Great list….I tried homeschooling, but it didn’t work for me. My daughter was far too headstrong….but I think it is a great idea for those who can do it…

  3. awesome, your list was so inspiring!

    my daughter is still a year off from kindergarten, but i am toying with the idea of homeschooling.

    happy tt =)

  4. Great first Thursday Thirteen! And all excellent reasons to homeschool. My church has a Christian Academy for K thru 12. If it weren’t for that, most of the families would homeschool. (many did before joining the church)

    My Thursday Thirteen this week is #70. 13 Children’s Books That Were Never Written Stop by if you get a chance

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