Whatever Your Cross…

A friend of mine from church had been VERY sick for about 8 weeks. I spoke with her a few days ago, and she told me that because of our Lord, she is a “walking miracle.” She also shared that “whatever cross I’ve had to bear was nothing compared to what my Jesus bore for you and me.”

After church, yesterday afternoon, I went and practiced some songs with my dad, and we ended up singing an old hymn that touched us both. This hymn reminded me of my friend’s words to me. Let us not forget what our Savior has done for us, and let us not grow weary in serving Him and telling others about Him… (You may view the lyrics of this beautiful hymn here).

I know that each of us has struggles we’re dealing with every day. Some of us have burdens that many others don’t even know about. However, there is always One who knows and understands…

Whatever your cross,
whatever your pain,
There will always be sunshine,
after the rain ….
Perhaps you may stumble,
perhaps even fall,
But God’s always ready,
To answer your call …
He knows every heartache,
sees every tear,
A word from His lips,
can calm every fear …
Your sorrows may linger,
throughout the night,
But suddenly vanish,
dawn’s early light …
The Savior is waiting,
somewhere above,
To give you His grace,
and to send you His love …
We all may get weary at times with “carrying our crosses,” and we may want to start to complain to God. However, we don’t always know what God is wanting to teach us, how He is trying to stretch us, what purpose He has, etc. Check out this AWESOME illustration:


**Note: Several weeks ago, another friend sent me the above poem. (Thanks Regina!) Also, I found the same poem and “Cross” illustration here.






4 Responses

  1. Hi Janet,

    My husband showed me that cross illustration several months ago. Isn’t that awesome? Sometimes the very things we would like to avoid and shrink away from are the things God wants to use to help us down the road. Ever trial that God allows in our lives is for a purpose, and He has promised to work all things together for good to those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose. Thanks for sharing this illustration and hymn.




    Yes Carol, I don’t know the times in my life that something I had wanted to avoid, God used the situation for my good. He’s an AWESOME God, isn’t He?!

  2. Oops! I just realized I made that comment when I was logged into our homeschool poetry blog. In case your confused, it’s me, Carol. 🙂

    I was a little confused with the new picture, email address, user name, etc., but I knew who you were! -)

  3. Janet, Thanks for stopping by my site. I posted your comments but they disappeared. I do not know what happened to them. Then my computer froze and everything was a mess there for a while. Please revisit and leave your comments again. I would like to add them to the other comments.

    This is a great illustration isn’t it? I know that there have been times I have wished for my cross to be cut down so that the burden would not be so heavy. But then I would have cheated myself out of the FULL blessing in the end. He will never put more up on us than what we can bear.

    Oh, feel free to link up to my site anytime. 😀
    I have added you to my list blogging buddies

  4. Hi Jolene,

    It’s great to meet you! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll–I’ll be adding you too! I had a nice visit at your site last night–I read several of your posts.



    P.S. I will revisit your site soon and leave the comments again–(maybe later on today).

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